Veteran factory tells you these must-know secrets about women's panties

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-07
Veteran Factory Tells You These Secrets About Women's Underwear Everything has a lifespan, and so do women's underwear. According to research, the use cycle of women's underwear is generally not more than 3 months, and the longest is not more than half a year. Wearing for too long will lead to problems such as appearance deformation of the underwear, hardening of the fabric, and unclean stains, which will have a negative impact on the health of the body. In addition, there are some issues that are often overlooked in the daily use of women's underwear that need our attention. First of all, women's panties are worn close to the body and are in close contact with our bodies. Therefore, it is necessary to change the wash frequently to avoid the growth of bacteria. In particular, the newly bought underwear will have some residues. It must be washed before wearing it. Don't wear it after buying it. Secondly, the choice of color and material of women's underwear is very important. It is generally recommended that the color of the underwear should be skin color or white, and do not wear dark underwear. Unless the pursuit of fashion and sexy, such as some women will choose black underwear. In terms of underwear material, we suggest that it is better to choose cotton and other materials with better air permeability. Ladymate Knitting produces all kinds of underwear, women's underwear, sports bra and other clothing. The Ladymate women's panties we produce have the following advantages: abdomen and waist, buttocks and hips, comfortable and breathable, especially for postpartum repair women can choose this high-waisted panties. It's designed with sexy lace and has a high-waisted, flattering body so you can wear it 24 hours a day. Editor in charge of this article Ladymate Knitting (Ladymate Knitting),
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