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What Things Do You Need to Know to Manufacture Plus Size Lingerie?

What Things Do You Need to Know to Manufacture Plus Size Lingerie?


What Things Do You Need to Know to Manufacture Plus Size Lingerie?



Lingerie is a necessity for all women which offers a highly profitable business opportunity even with smaller capital. As essential as it is, only regular-sized women are provided a plethora of options when it comes to beautifully crafted lingerie. Although several lingerie lines are expanding their business, plus-size women with a cup size of D and greater still have fewer choices in this type of apparel because more brands are still focused on selling lingerie in regular sizes. If you're planning to start a plus-size lingerie business, then you're craving a path to procuring your fair share in this multi-billion dollar industry. Below are the important things to know to manufacture plus-size lingerie for your brand and business.

1.Popular Brands Determine the Trends in Lingerie

The growing demand in the plus-size lingerie market has caused several lingerie lines to expand their business from regular size to plus size in order to get a share of this multi-billion dollar industry. To ensure success in your lingerie business, it is essential to not only understand the market but to predict future trends as well in order to compete with popular and established brands. Plus size lingerie brands such as Curvy Kate, Shyaway, and Freya Lingerie are just a few of the famous plus size lingerie brands that determine the trends in the industry. To compete with these established brands, it is highly essential for new players to predict the coming trends by looking to influencers, attending fashion shows, or hiring a trend forecasting agency that will help in the production of a beautifully crafted lingerie that plus-size women will soon patronize.

2.Protect Your OEM with Copyrights

 It is common for plus size bra producers or plus size lingerie manufacturers to provide an ODM which spares the need for buyers or businesses to create their own product design. However, if you already have researched and developed your own OEM, then protecting your intellectual property would be highly important to maintain the integrity of your design and your business. Developing your very own design is a great way to showcase your style and gain a following from targeted consumers. However, without trademark registration, your design can be used by your competitor to produce a similar product or they may apply for a trademark registration using your own design.


3 Plus Size VS Regular Size

 Despite the rapid growth of the plus-size industry, some major clothing lines are still hesitant to expand their production to plus sizes because of the amount of time that it entails to produce plus-size clothing. It takes a competent plus-size bra and underwear manufacturer to produce a product that will be appreciated by the consumers in this market. A successful plus-size bra producer hires only the skillful and well-trained technicians and sewing operators that will ensure the quality of each item produced. Quality will not come cheap which means that in order to build a trusted brand, it is very important to have a suitable supplier that will deliver quality items even at a price range that's a bit higher than regular manufacturers.


4 The Potential Quality Issues

 It is common for bra and underwear manufacturers, plus-size bra producers, or lingerie factories to hire unqualified workers which means that the buyer has to allot more time in performing quality checks for each item. Such a process can be time-consuming and it has the potential to hurt your business due to quality issues and possible defects in the products. To avoid this, ensure quality by choosing a trusted factory with years of experience in plus-size lingerie production. Choosing a manufacturer that has a sophisticated production facility that's in line with the international quality standards will definitely help you start strong in this rapidly growing industry. Finding the right manufacturer for your plus-size lingerie line is detrimental for your business because quality is above all the most powerful message that you can send to the consumers for them to patronize your brand.


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