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How Can I Measure My Bra Size at Home?

How Can I Measure My Bra Size at Home?


How Can I Measure My Bra Size at Home?


Are you asking yourself, how do I measure my bra size at home when no one is around or there is nobody to help? There are ways that may work in determining your bra size without the help of a professional. A properly fitted bra provides support and reduces discomfort. A perfect fit makes all the difference in comfort, but finding the right fit isn't always easy. Don't worry if you need to try several sizes before finding "the one."

If you're currently wearing the wrong bra size, it's likely that your bras aren't providing adequate support or are causing physical discomfort. Instead of settling for ill-fitting undergarments, learn 6 ways to measure my bra size at home.

1. The Water Method

Fill a sink with lukewarm water and submerge the bust entirely for 30 seconds while standing straight, with shoulders down and relaxed. Carefully remove the breasts from the water and check the volume in each cup of a non-padded bra by pouring out the water and measuring it in a cup. This way, you will know the size of your bra while at home or with no one to help!


2. Use a Measuring Tape

Using a flexible tape, measure it around your ribcage, directly underneath your bust. This is the most accurate measurement of your band size. For example, if it measures 32 inches, then you are wearing a bra band that is actually 32 inches around or a 34 band. That means you need to have a measuring tape at home to ensure you get the correct measurements for your bra size.

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3. Measuring Band Size with the String Method

Measure loosely around the ribcage, just below your bust. Tighten the tape measure to get as close to this number and then add 5 inches (for a tight fit). If you're alone at home, this may be the right way to know the size of your bra without looking for professional help.

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4. Calculating Your Cup Size

With one arm on your waist and another holding one breast, raise your elbow up so that it is parallel with the floor and hold a ruler over the fullest part of your bust. Subtract the difference between the two measurements and find the correct size. However, you need to be cautious when stretching your hand to ensure you get the right measurements. It's an easy way to know the size of your bra if you're alone at home.

If your band is smaller than your bust, you have a "narrower" back and need to go with a larger cup size. I would consider this one cup size. When your brand is the same as your bust, you have an average-sized back and should choose a bra that fits this dimension. If your band is larger than your bust, you have a "wider" back and would need to choose a smaller cup size. I would consider this one cup size.

5. Calculating Cup Size with One Breast Larger than the Other

In case you have one breast larger than the other, measure both breasts while standing straight with shoulders down and relaxed, comfortable bras on, and relax your arms at your sides. Using this strategy can help you find bras that perfectly fit you irrespective of your bra size.

6. Finding Underwire Size

With a non-padded underwire bra, wrap a soft measuring tape around the fullest part of each breast to determine its circumference. Subtract 5 inches from that number combined to get your under-band size. You may then measure for an exact band size by adding 5 inches to that number for a tight or 6 inches for a more comfortable fit.

The result will be your bra band size. You may then measure for an exact cup size by deducting the difference between the two bust measurements from this number. If you are having challenges getting the right bra size for you, try a bra with a different band and cup size and compare the fit and feel. For example: change 34B to 32C or 36D.

Are you looking for the right bra size for you? Do you need to know how to get a perfect fitting bra for you while at home? Well, you can use the ideas provided in this blog post to measure your bra size at home. For more information on how can I measure my bra size at home, please visit our website at today!


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