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Which Exhibition Does Most Lingerie Suppliers Manufacturers Attend?

Which Exhibition Does Most Lingerie Suppliers Manufacturers Attend?


Which Exhibition Does Most Lingerie Suppliers Manufacturers Attend?

Are you looking to buy high-quality lingerie? It is not that easy these days to attend trade fairs because of Covid. However, if you are looking for underwear suppliers and bra producers, one of the best events you can attend is the Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair was first established in 1957. Since then, it has grown in size. Today, the Canton Fair is one of the world's leading trade fairs. If you are looking for underwear suppliers or to buy briefs, it is one of the best fairs in the world to attend.

What Exhibitions Do Lingerie Suppliers Manufacturers Attend?

What makes the Canton Fair so special? First of all, the Canton Fair is easy to access. Finding accommodation is never a problem. You also get the opportunity to visit this vibrant part of China.

When you want to make new trade connections in China, you should put the Canton Fair on your list. The fair is one of the largest trade fairs in the world and takes place every spring and autumn. If you have never been, you have most certainly missed out on if not one but several exciting commercial tie-ups with a leading lingerie manufacturer.


Why Buy Lingerie In China?

There are several reasons your organization should consider buying lingerie in China. We are going to take the opportunity to run through the top ones with you right here:

●Quality manufacturing - quality manufacturing really matters when it comes to lingerie. Chinese lingerie suppliers know their clients and customers are looking for quality goods. Although there are quality manufacturers in other parts of the world, none of them really match the skill set of the team at Ladymate.

●Speed of supply - lingerie has in recent years become part of the fashion industry. We use lingerie to accessorize the rest of our outfits. As we all know, fashion changes quickly. To succeed in this fast-moving industry, you need to work with someone who can deliver your goods and designs quickly and according to schedule. That is where Ladymate comes in.

●Transport and shipping - another vital factor to consider is shipping and transport. After all, you don't want your lingerie to miss a season. That could spell disaster for you if you have a loyal customer following.

●Innovative ideas - the team at Ladymate love to come up with new exciting ideas when it comes to lingerie fashion. We are always innovating and do our best to come up with lingerie that is going to sell.

●The price is right - just like in any other industry, you need to make a profit. Out friendly team will help you to achieve the profit margins that you have always been looking for.

Meet Up With Us In Cyberspace

If you are finding that you are "travel challenged" you can always hook up with the Ladymate team online. Just like so many other businesses, we have learned how to adapt and overcome the many challenges we have encountered in recent years.

We know that we are not the only company that are taking advantage of live streaming. But, it is has to be said, live streaming is a great way to hook up.

We have discovered that live streaming gives us the golden opportunity to stay in touch with regular clients and new customers. Live streaming events such as the ones we hold online, give us the chance to keep in touch with our customers right across the world.


Our Company Creates Opportunities

We like to think that we create opportunities for both our customers and ourselves. If you are not in a position to visit us in China, we would still like to have an opportunity to get to know you. New technologies feature very high on our list. 

 If you can't come and see us, we are more than happy to showcase and introduce you to our lingerie fashion online. As bra producers and briefs producers, we can arrange for you to receive samples. The quality of our lingerie is second to none. We would love to have a chance to show what we are all about as a lingerie supplier.

We maintain stringent quality standards in our manufacturing processes, and ensure products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production. Our company mission is to focus on impressing and delighting our OEM/ODM clients through excellent product quality and services. For more information, please contact us www.ladymate.com or email us via info@ladymate.com

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