Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory Celebrates the Success of Canton Fair 2023

Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory Celebrates the Success of Canton Fair 2023


Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory Celebrates the Success of Canton Fair 2023

Guangzhou, China - November 5,2023 - Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory is thrilled to announce the triumphant conclusion of its 

participation in the Canton Fair 2023, held from October 31 to November 4. 

The event, which took place at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, proved to be a remarkable success for 

the company. The exhibition provided an exceptional platform for Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory to showcase its top quality

lingeries products,attracting a wide range of attendees, including distributors, retailers, and potential business partners

The company's booth,located at 8.1H 41,saw enthusiastic visitors from various industries and backgrouns Visitors had the opportunity

to explore the company's finely crafted lingerie products.including anextensive collection of bras, panties, and more. 

The team at Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory engagedin fruitful discussions, addressing inquiries, and sharing insights into their

manufacturing capabilities. 

This collaborative spirit and commitment to excellence were the cornerstones of the company's success at the fair.

"We are elated by the positive response and the connections we've made during the Canton Fair 2023," said Sharon Zhang, Director at Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory. "The fair served as a great platform for us to introduce our

products to a diverse audience and explore new business opportunities."

Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory extends its sincere appreciation to all those who visited their booth and contributed to the success of this exhibition. The company remains dedicated to delivering high-quality lingerie products that meet the evolving demands of its clients.

For more information about their products and services, please visit Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory's website or reach out via email at info@ladymate.com

The company looks forward to continued growth and collaboration as it moves forward, building on the success of Canton Fair 2023.


Miss Xia Zhang

Business Development

Shantou Unigrace Ladymate Factory

Email: info@ladymate.com

Whatsapp: +86-13414037190 

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