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How to choose yourself a perfect bra?

How to choose yourself a perfect bra?


How to choose yourself a perfect bra?


When it comes to the most comfortable time, it may not be when I received a gift on Women’s Day, or a paid day, but when I come home after a day and took off my bra and feel relieved in an instant.



Many girls are extremely annoying to the restraints brought by bra, and even many girls don't have the habit of wearing bra in winter. But the role of bra for women is actually very important, not only can prevent accidental touch and abrasion, but can also prevent sagging of the chest, and can increase women's attractiveness.


According to statistics, more than 85% of girls don’t know how to choose a suitable bra. Let’s talk about how to choose suitable bra for themselves.


What are the common mistakes in choosing bra?


Mistake 1:

Choose a bra only by subtracting the difference between the upper bust circumference and the lower bust circumference. The method of measuring the chest is different, and the data is also different. The actual situation will be different if the data is similar to the shape.


Mistake 2:

Blindly believe in the role of gathering bra and adjusting bra. Physical changes are related to our own habits, such as posture and physical condition. Think about it, why this bra can help you correct your body's imperfections.


Mistake 3.

If you don’t understand your body, you will blame others for choosing inappropriate bra. Your body belongs to you, so learn to discern other people's suggestions.



How to determine your bra size


The first step: measure the bust

First, you have to measure your upper and lower bust circumference (75 in 75A refers to the lower bust circumference). Those with sagging breasts should push the breast up to the normal position for measurement. The available labels for the lower bust are: 70, 75, 80, 85 , 90, 95, 100, 105cm.



Step 2: Determine the cup size of the bra.

AA, A, B, C, D, E, F refer to the cup size, the bust minus the lower bust is the cup size, if the difference between your upper bust minus the lower bust is 10cm, then you are A Cup.


For example: your upper bust measurement must be 92cm, your lower bust measurement must be 80cm. If you subtract the two numbers to 12cm, then use cup B. The bra size you should wear is 80B.


Due to the manufacturer, materials, cup shape and style, there are still one-half cups, three-quarter cups, etc., so it is best to try them on when buying bra.



Correct wearing of bra


After understanding the size of bra, you can start to choose your favorite bra. However, many women do not understand the correct way to wear bra:



1. Tilt your upper body forward forty-five degrees, put your arms through the shoulder straps, hang your shoulders, and support the bottom of the cup with your hands.


2. Keep the upper body leaning forward and buckle the back hook to make the chest fully enter the cup.


3. After buckling, gently pull up the left and right shoulder straps and adjust them to the most comfortable position. It is advisable that the two fingers can be inserted in, so that they are not too tight or too loose.


4. The position of the back hook should be fixed parallel to the shoulder blade.


5. Adjust the exposed breast to the cup to make the whole breast appear natural.


Whether the bra fits after wearing


1. Shrug the shoulders, and the movement of the shoulders will not make the bra move with it.


2. Throw the gap in the middle to accommodate a finger, and the edge of the cup should be attached to the chest.


3. Put on a bra with underwire. If you feel uncomfortable, it means that the curve of the cup does not fit your chest.


4. When you feel that the nipple is oppressive, it may be that the cup size is wrong, or the shape of the cup and breast does not match.


5. People with large breast spacing should pay attention to the appropriate spacing of bra, more concentrated style, otherwise it is easy to deform the breasts.


6. Bras that can completely hold the breasts, the top of the cup will be flat against the breasts.


7. Bras should have a three-dimensional feeling upwards, so as to have the function of upward support.


8. Check whether the edge of the shoulder strap of the bra is smooth.


A suitable bra, in summary, is that the arc of the bra underwire is close to the arc of the bottom edge of the chest, and the highest point of the chest is close to the peak of the cup.


Wearing time of bras


    The general bra wear time is 8 hours (not more than 12 hours). Wireless bra is generally worn during exercise or when the body is unwell. bra with poor supporting effect should not be worn for a long time.


     One time every 10 days or one week, you can try not to wear bra at home. You can also choose not to wear it when you sleep. Girls with larger breasts can choose comfortable sleeping bra.

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