Ladymate Participates in Salon International de la Lingerie to Network and Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

Ladymate Participates in Salon International de la Lingerie to Network and Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends


Ladymate Participates in Salon International de la Lingerie to Network and Stay Up-to-Date with Industry Trends

Ladymate, a leading manufacturer of women's lingerie, recently attended the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, France. Although this time Ladymate factory did not have a booth or showcase any products, Ladymate's representatives were

present at the event to network with industry professionals and gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the lingerie industry.

The representatives from Ladymate attended a range of seminars and workshops at the Salon International de la Lingerie, covering topics such as marketing, design, and manufacturing. They also participated in roundtable discussions and networking events, connecting with other industry professionals from around the world.

"Attending the Salon International de la Lingerie was a valuable experience for our company," said a Ladymate spokesperson. " We were able to gain insights into the latest trends and innovations in the lingerie industry, and connect with other industry professionals from around the world."

The Salon International de la Lingerie is an important event for anyone involved in the lingerie industry, providing a platform for networking, learning, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. By attending the event, Ladymate was able to build new relationships and gain valuable insights into the global lingerie market.

Overall, Ladymate's attendance at the Salon International de la Lingerie demonstrates the company's commitment to staying at the forefront of the lingerie industry. Ladymate were able to learn and connect with other professionals, positioning the company for continued success in the future.

Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd is an underwear manufacturing company with a factory located in the famous "Lingerie Town'' in Guangdong Province. For over 20 years, Ladymate has been producing lingeries for the global market with a main focus on the plus-size industry. The manufacturing company's long-term clients include Adoreme,La Vie En Rose, Parfait, and more. Choosing Shantou Ladymate Apparel Co., Ltd will help you build your business and create a prosperous brand known for quality and affordability.

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