Treatment before underwear knitting

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-05
The following bra manufacturers talk about the treatment before bra weaving. The reason why underwear is better than ordinary underwear is because of its raw materials and craftsmanship. Its craftsmanship is very particular. Because real silk has sericin and has high rigidity, it is easy to break and miss stitches during knitting, so it needs to be After processing before weaving. If you choose the skein produced by a general polyester silk factory, you need to go through the following treatment process: soak the skeined raw silk in a solution containing softener and foaming agent, bath ratio 1:20, and temperature 40-50℃ for 18 hours. After drying and winding, weaving on the machine. Assuming that the hardcover raw silk directly provided by the factory is selected, it is necessary to first place the cylindrical raw silk in a vacuum container containing the treatment solution (generally, the liquor ratio 1:10, 109/L of ancient oil solution) at room temperature. Make the processing solution quickly penetrate into the inner layer of the package and the inside of the sericin, and the processing is completed and knitting on the machine.
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