To see whether an underwear manufacturer is a 'good factory' can be identified from these 3 points

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-06
From the shipment site of the Shantou underwear manufacturer, it is actually easy to recognize how this factory is. The delivery site was in chaos, and the employees were busy in a hurry, indicating that this Shantou underwear manufacturer must have problems in its operation and management. It is a good thing that the factory is busy, but it is busy and not chaotic, and orderly reflects the management level of this underwear factory. Generally, customers who visit the underwear factory will visit the production workshop. When you patrol with the management or operator of the factory, you may ask some questions, but the factory manager cannot answer correctly, indicating that this kind of underwear factory is not the so-called 'Good factory'. Regarding this point, I often encounter customers taking customers to visit the production site of an underwear factory in Shantou. Sometimes the factory is in chaos when the factory is busy, and many things are piled up without signs. When the customer asks: 'What is this?For a moment, I have to consult my subordinates, which shows that the management of the underwear factory has a big problem, and they are all out of touch.   The third point is that assembly line operations, workers, and machines are proceeding in an orderly manner, indicating that this underwear manufacturer is a good factory.   General customers visit the production workshop of the underwear factory, and they will stay for a while to see how the factory produces all horseshoe crabs. The factory's actions, concentration, product circulation, and machine operation can all reflect how this underwear factory is from one aspect. Of course, it reflects whether an underwear manufacturer is a good factory. You can also communicate with the factory’s escorts to understand its development, as well as environmental facilities, the degree of newness of the machine, the maintenance status, and even the sanitary condition of the ground. How about the underwear factory? To see whether an underwear factory is a 'good factory' can be identified from these 3 points. Therefore, to find an underwear manufacturer to identify whether it is a good factory, you must go to the factory and check it on the spot. Be sure to search on the Internet for a moment. By the way, when we cooperate in the later stage, troubles continue. Over the past few years, the company has always been adhering to the service concept of honesty and pragmatism, pioneering and enterprising, equality and mutual benefit, and friendly cooperation. Ladymate people firmly believe that through continuous technological updates and keeping up with the world's fashion trends, the company must be able to remain the leader in the underwear industry!
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