Tips for cleaning sports quick-drying clothes

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-27
Next, Ladymate underwear manufacturers will talk about the cleaning tips of sports quick-drying clothes.  1. Sports quick-drying clothes are all polyester fabrics with high strength and elasticity recovery ability. It is not only durable, but also firm and anti-wrinkle, and no ironing after washing. However, the hygroscopicity is low, the permeability is poor, the clothes are stuffy, it is easy to generate static electricity and the dust is stained, and the melting resistance is poor. When the clothes are used, they will immediately form holes when they contact soot and sparks.  2. Sports quick-drying clothes also require correct cleaning and maintenance methods. The rubbing strength of hand washing and machine washing should not be too strong to avoid deformation.  3. Polypropylene is mostly used in the early sports quick-drying clothing fabrics. This kind of fabric is simple to pilling. The more washing times, the more obvious the phenomenon. It simply ages when it is dried in the sun or close to the fire source. At present, polyester is often used instead of polypropylene, and its characteristic is that it is not easy to pilling and aging. When washing these two kinds of fabrics, don't rub them with great effort, and turn them to the 'gentle' position if they are machine washed.  4. When exposed to the sun, prevent direct sunlight. Synthetic fibers age easily under direct sunlight. In addition, the fibers used in sports quick-drying clothes are simply not fire-resistant materials, so we must pay attention to it.
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