Tips for choosing sports quick-drying clothes

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-01
Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the skills of choosing sports quick-drying clothes.  Whether it looks smooth, smooth and comfortable:   Whether it feels comfortable in the hand, whether it feels like thorns, pricks, itching, etc. Look at the seams after the fabrics pass. Now there are two types of seams, one is stitched with thread, and the other is welded. For garments stitched with thread, we need to see whether the stitches are neat and dense. Generally speaking, the sewing standard for sports quick-drying clothes is at least 5 stitches per centimeter. Then check if there is any fabric fiber from the hole of the needle and the needle. If the fiber filaments of the fabric are brought out, it proves that the needles are not round but pointed needles when sewing, which destroys the fabric's own fiber structure and affects the future strength of the stitching. Breathability is required:    Because of the high temperature, even if it rains, people often sweat. Pants made of waterproof fabrics such as GORE-TEX are not as breathable as those of ordinary fabrics. When it rains, there is often rain outside the pants. There is sweat in the pants, and the sweat cannot be drained out. The internal temperature is high and it is very uncomfortable. The same is true when wearing a raincoat.   zippers and other accessories:   The zippers of good sports quick-drying clothes all use branded zippers. Whether it is workmanship or the main zipper does not have a brand, you must pay special attention to it. It is very likely that the strength or reliability is worthy of doubt. In spring and summer, sports quick-drying clothes are mostly in the form of shirts or pullovers. At this time, look at the design of buttons and cuffs. Especially for sports quick-drying clothes in late spring and summer, the cuffs can be rolled up or down at will, which is considered a reasonable design.
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