Tips for buying seamless underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-13
​ TIPs for buying seamless underwear may be that many girls think that when matching light-colored clothes, they can’t see the traces of underwear when they choose underwear of the same color. In fact, all-match underwear that does not reveal color is skin color! And you can't see the difference from the color if it is similar to your skin color~​ In the previous little myth of seamless underwear, it is also mentioned that the imprints of the back buckle and the shoulder strap adjustment buckle are inevitable. If you want to avoid it, the front buckle and vest are good alternatives, and the lace beauty back can also be used~ In terms of material selection, the thinner and lighter, the more seamless it is. Whether it's the fabric of the underwear, the edge of the cup, or even the details of the underwear buckle. When buying, pay attention to the seam allowance of the back and bottom. If it is thick or the wrapping is uneven, the seamless effect will be greatly reduced. The same is true of the cups. If the edge of the cup is too thick and unfit, then when wearing tight fitting clothes, the traces on the upper edge of the cup will be obvious! Summer is here, it's time to show off your good figure! When putting on tights, don't forget to take care of both inside and outside, go and choose a seamless underwear that suits you~
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