The way of survival of brand thermal underwear factory production enterprises

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-23
The survival of brand thermal underwear factory manufacturers In recent years, with the repeated epidemic situation at home and abroad, coupled with rising raw material prices and rising labor costs, international big-name underwear companies have rushed to the Chinese market, and China's thermal underwear industry“The inflection point is approaching, and the severe reality is testing domestic thermal underwear manufacturers of all sizes. along with“Post-95s“Younger groups such as the post-00s have gradually become the main consumers. Underwear companies should not still be in the mode of crazy store opening in the past. No matter from product design or sales channels, they must be fully upgraded in order to win consumers and gain a firm foothold in the market. Faced with the fierce competition in the underwear industry, industry insiders pointed out that on the one hand, it is affected by the overall market environment, on the other hand, the industry is also in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. In this case, underwear companies must be good at grasping the changing trend of the market in order to find a way to survive. These are the manifestations of companies seeking new target consumer groups, new market positioning, and innovation and change in the layout of young consumers. In addition to transforming the image of street shops and entering shopping malls, many underwear brands will also apply AI technology to stores in the future to create new products in stores.“Virtual fitting room. Industry insiders told reporters that for the underwear industry, the shopping experience of seeing, wearing, and buying is very attractive to consumers. Perhaps in the future, this will become an offline store to improve service levels and create experiential consumption. key.
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