The underwear processing factory Ladymate knitting teaches you to identify women's underwear fabrics in this way

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-02
With the strengthening of people's awareness of health and environmental protection, women's underwear is used as MM's close-fitting clothing, whether the fabrics used are safe and environmentally friendly. As non-experts, how should we know the fabrics of women's underwear? Ladymate knitting, focusing on underwear production and processing, 17 underwear processing factories teach you to identify women's underwear fabrics in this way. 1. Touch! When we buy women's underwear, we must first touch it to feel the feel. Usually, the fabrics that are very soft to the touch of women's underwear are usually silk, nylon (nylon) or viscose fabrics. However, most underwear factories now process raw materials. The women's underwear will use some mixed fabrics, which not only keep the women's underwear comfortable to wear on the body, but also keep the shape of the underwear very well, and it is not easy to deform. 2. Sense! When you get a piece of women's underwear, you can feel the weight in your hand. The lighter and softer ones are usually nylon, acrylic, and polypropylene fabrics. If you hold a women's underwear in your hand, the ones that feel more comfortable are generally cotton, linen, and rich fabrics. Fiber or viscose fabric; if the weight of women's underwear is similar to the weight of silk, the fabric used for this women's underwear should be vinylon, wool, acetate or polyester. 3. Pull! When women's underwear is held in hand, the material of the underwear can generally be judged by the tensile strength. If the underwear is stretched and the strength is weaker, the fabrics it adopts are usually glued, acetate fiber or wool fabrics; For those with stronger strength, silk, cotton, linen or synthetic fibers are usually used; while the strength of the women's underwear fabrics decreases significantly after wetting, and the materials should be protein fibers, viscose or cupro fibers. For example, the underwear produced by our Ladymate underwear factory is usually some sports underwear products, so the elasticity is strong, and most of them are made of synthetic fabrics, which are made of cotton, linen, etc. and spandex in a certain proportion. There is another major category of women's underwear, that is, silk fabrics and rayon fabrics, so how to identify these two types of women's underwear fabrics? 1. The women's underwear made of real silk feels soft and elastic, with a silky sound and a cool feeling when rubbed lightly; while the women's underwear made of rayon has a rougher feel. 2. You can observe carefully with the help of light. If the women's underwear is made of silk fabric, the luster is softer, and the bright is not dazzling; the luster of the rayon women's underwear fabric is similar to that of metal. 3. Hold the women's underwear tightly and release it. If there are few folds, the underwear fabric is made of silk; if the folds are very obvious and there are many, the rayon fabric should be used. 4. Another point is to distinguish whether the women's underwear is made of silk or rayon. You can drop water on the fabric and rub it with your hands. If it is made of rayon, it will be easily damaged, while the women's underwear of silk fabrics is stronger. Regarding how to distinguish women's underwear fabrics, I also hope that the method of fabric identification shared by Ladymate underwear factory will be helpful to you! Of course, if you are really looking for an underwear manufacturer to process women's underwear, please consult our Ladymate Knitted Underwear Factory, which has been dedicated for 17 years, so it is more professional! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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