The underwear manufacturer teaches you how to judge whether the underwear has been deformed, and what will happen if you wear deformed underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-08
As an indispensable underwear for girls, underwear is very fashionable. I am afraid that only you can think of all kinds of functional underwear, which is far from a simple 'bra' concept. This is the so-called beauty from the inside out. As a girl, who doesn't want to be more beautiful? However, underwear and women generally need to be taken care of. If not maintained properly, beautiful underwear can easily be damaged and deformed. The following underwear custom manufacturers share how to judge whether the underwear is deformed and how to wear deformed underwear. How to judge whether the underwear has been deformed mainly has the following three aspects. 1. Underwear straps Ordinary underwear straps have good elasticity, but deformed underwear straps are inelastic like cloth strips, even one long and one short. 2.Whether it is a molded cup or a spongeless cup, ordinary cups are round and complete, and deformed cups usually have cup folds, heart-shaped warping, curved steel rings, loose bottom circumference, and sponge distribution in the cup Uneven or even bumps. 3. Underwear flanks. Normal underwear flanks are usually flat and smooth, while deformed underwear flanks usually have folds on the mesh of the flanks, arches of soft rubber bones on the flanks, and so on. What happens when you wear deformed underwear, there are mainly the following four aspects. 1. The shoulder straps are easy to fall. Because the elasticity of the shoulder straps is weakened or disappeared, the wearing stability of the underwear straps will inevitably decrease. A common problem is that the shoulder straps fall off. In addition, the deformation of the shoulder straps will also have a great impact on the overall wearing beauty of the underwear. 2. Underwear traces are everywhere. The bending and deformation of the steel ring and the asymmetry of the cup will cause itchy marks and dents everywhere around the breast, and the wrinkled cup surface will also easily expose the cup marks. so awkward. 3. The deformation of the side wings cannot be retracted, especially the underwear with the widened side wings, which is the side folds at first. If you arch the soft rubber bone and bubbling on the side web, you can't put it in. 4. The position of the underwear is not correct. Deformed underwear. On the one hand, it reflects the deformation of various parts of the underwear, and on the other hand, it reflects the deformation of the underwear fabric. When wearing deformed underwear, every part of the fabric loses its original elasticity. For example, if the bottom of the underwear is loose, the underwear will often run up or run left and right, and then the shoulder straps will fall off.
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