The transformation of Ladymate knitting from underwear OEM to brand building

by:LADYMATE     2022-10-01
Everyone should be familiar with underwear OEM, but with the development of time, it is more and more difficult for the factory that purely relies on underwear OEM to survive, and brand building is more and more recognized by underwear manufacturers. But the brand building of underwear manufacturers is not something that can be established overnight. Ladymate knitting, a manufacturer specializing in underwear for 17 years, has also gone through this process. The underwear factory basically started from underwear OEM, because relatively speaking, underwear OEM has the least risk and earns a certain processing fee. Slowly more and more underwear foundries opened up, fierce competition, and the profit of processing fees became lower and lower. Rebranding the underwear factory is especially important. Ladymate Knitting is a powerful factory specializing in underwear, with 350 employees, 330 imported equipment, and a daily output of 60,000 underwear. As early as the beginning of its establishment, the underwear factory has paid great attention to the research and development capabilities of new products. It has maintained 8-10 new products every day, and at the same time can provide customers with personalized on-demand underwear needs. Because Ladymate Knitting is located near the International Trade City, at the beginning of its establishment, it also relied on the brand of the International Trade City to find customers. It has always been based on the OEM of underwear. Do OEM foundry. Over the years, Ladymate knitted underwear factory has also been insisting on the transformation process from underwear OEM to its own brand, so we are also working hard to start Ladymate knitted independent brand“Ladymate, now,“Ladymate is also recognized by customers and Jinhua city government, over the years,“Ladymate has been rated as a famous brand in Jinhua City. With the approval of Jinhua Municipal Government, our Ladymate Knitting is also increasing its investment. We work hard in every aspect of the research and development, development, production and sales of underwear products. Especially in underwear design and underwear product quality requirements. For the investment in new product research and development, the underwear factory has 7 senior designers with 18 years of underwear design experience, who launch nearly 300 new styles every month. At the same time, we also maintain close cooperation with some foreign French underwear designers. The quality requirements for underwear products are even more stringent in Ladymate knitting. From the selection of raw materials, the listed company Huading Company and the Israeli branch in Suzhou, China, are green and environmentally friendly. The salad degree is above 4, and it does not contain azonium. confirm this. Nowadays, when it comes to underwear manufacturers, no one knows Ladymate knitting. In 2017, Ladymate Knitting further increased its investment, established a corporate marketing website, Tmall store, Ali store, etc. to brand the company, and made Ladymate Knitting its own brand through the Internet“Ladymate goes to the world! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting Contribution Copyright (Ladymate Knitting)
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