The third popular feature - color in power

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-26
According to different seasons, fashion designers start to make fashion more dazzling. The underwear world, which has always been dominated by flesh-colored and pink colors, is also unwilling to play a signboard of fresh colors. Bright and lovely lemon yellow and refreshing and modern sky blue have just appeared on underwear, and they have attracted the attention of young girls. Coupled with subtle and gentle purple, vibrant apple green, and eye-catching orange, these high-purity colors begin Large-scale occupation of the latest models of almost all brands. It is expected that these crazy and cute colors that were not dared to touch in the past will set off a new wave of young and modern underwear purchases. In addition, in addition to the traditional basic colors such as white, black and blue, the new underwear boldly adds dark purple that can match the skin tone, replacing the white lotus root color, milk tea color, bright pink and even futuristic silver gray.
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