The seamless bra factory teaches you how to choose underwear!

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-15
​ Seamless Bra Factory teaches you how to choose underwear!​ Buy underwear according to the size of your body curve. Bras that are too tight will deform your breasts, make breathing difficult, and even cause 'green blood disease'. Change underwear often. Underwear will change with your body shape. Sometimes it is not broken, but as long as there is slack, the shapewear has failed. Generally speaking, a good underwear can last for two years. How to wear underwear: 1. Lean forward 45 degrees. After wearing bra straps on both shoulders, position the lower edge of the cup on the underside of the bust and fasten the back hook. 2. The body continues to be tilted, and the palms help to push the fat on the outside of the breasts from the back to the armpits into the cups. After adjusting the left and right sides, stand upright. 3. Pull the back piece down, at least level with the lower edge of the front chest. 4. Adjust the length of the shoulder straps so that the nipple is in the center of the cup. 5. Keep upright, and then repeat the second step to make sure that the cup completely covers the chest. Shake your hands and move your body until you feel firm and stable. Washing method: Is the underwear suitable for washing with detergent or detergent? Hand wash or machine wash? 1. Wrong way of washing underwear: ① Do not put underwear in the washing machine. Washing underwear is knowledgeable. Good underwear is relatively easy to wash by hand, especially underwear with steel wire or steel ring. Never use a washing machine to wash or dehydrate it. It will seriously deform your underwear and damage the material. Moreover, in the process of stirring and rubbing in the washing machine, the bacteria, color and shed fibers on the clothes will inevitably contaminate each other. ②Do not wash all clothes together. When some people wash their clothes, in order to save water, they usually wash their underwear first, then their outer garments, and then their socks and other sundries. After washing them in a basin of water to the end, they are dirty and dark. Although this ensures the cleanliness of some clothes, the final washed clothes are very polluted. In particular, mixing socks with women's underwear is more harmful and can cause female genital diseases. ③ Some people put all the changed clothes into the washing machine to wash them together for the sake of convenience and convenience. During the stirring and friction process of the washing machine, the bacteria, colors and shed fibers on the clothes will inevitably contaminate each other. ④Do not take your inner clothes to dry cleaners for washing. The laundry in dry cleaners is complex, including healthy people, sick people, and maybe people with infectious diseases. Some unscrupulous businesses cut corners for profit and omit the disinfection process, which can also lead to disease transmission. Some people's washing machines never wash, and they keep washing as long as they turn. The inner wall of the drain is full of crumbs and dirt, which breeds a lot of viruses and bacteria. During the laundry process, these dirt and bacteria will contaminate the clothes. 1. The correct way to wash underwear The correct way is to gently tap the underwear soaked in detergent, or wash it by scratching. In addition, after washing, most people usually take it directly to dry or dry it, which is actually not correct. Because this will also deform the underwear, you can use a dry towel to fully absorb the moisture on the underwear and then dry it. Sports underwear can be washed in the washing machine, but still avoid drying in the dryer. 2. Correct washing method of underwear In fact, the cleaning of underwear only needs to grasp a simple principle: 'wash it clean and rinse it clean'. As for how you wash it and which detergent you use, it doesn't really matter. Before throwing your underwear into the washing machine, you should pay attention. If girls have secretions, or boys have protein molecules in wet dreams, they should simply use detergent to wash them first, otherwise, a layer of biofilm will easily adhere to it and cause bacteria to grow. 3. Can I use a washing machine? It is indeed relatively clean to wash underwear by hand, but the disadvantage of hand washing is that the detergent is often not rinsed well, and it cannot be wrung out after washing. It is easy to mold if it is too wet for a long time, so it is actually beneficial to wash underwear with a washing machine. If the close-fitting clothes are thrown into the washing machine, they need to be washed together with light-colored clothes. Avoid mixing them with outer pants and socks, and they need to be put in a laundry bag so as not to be damaged due to friction. A few laundry balls to increase the friction of washing. It should be noted that the washing machine needs to be cleaned regularly. 4. Don't put too much detergent. Don't put too much detergent when doing laundry, you need to rinse it several times, especially underwear. 5. Use soap powder Soap powder is a washing product that powders soap. The decontamination principle of soap powder is the same as that of soap. It is physical, pure and natural, and has low irritation. At the same time, it also retains the good detergency of soap. Moreover, the natural decontamination active ingredients added in the soap powder can also protect the fabrics. After washing, the clothes can be fluffy and soft without using a softener. Detergent is better. In addition, the foam generated by soap powder washing is small, and it is easier to rinse when machine washing, avoid residual substances irritating the skin, and save water, which can be said to kill two birds with one stone. Of course, when using detergents every day,You should also choose suitable washing products according to the nature of the clothes. Generally, natural soap powder is more suitable for washing close-fitting clothes, infants' clothes and diapers, etc. Laundry liquid is more suitable for washing soft clothes, and washing powder is more suitable for washing jeans, heavy coats, curtains, sofa covers, etc.
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