The role of breastfeeding underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-11
Nursing underwear specifically refers to the bra worn by the parturient during the breastfeeding period. There is a movable button on the cup that can open the cup without having to untie the entire bra. This kind of bra is mainly to make breastfeeding women more convenient and elegant. Breast swelling during pregnancy, or the reason for feeding the baby frequently after childbirth, wearing ordinary bras can make mothers feel very uncomfortable and also very inconvenient. In traditional breastfeeding, mothers do not wear a bra, but this is both inelegant and prone to drooping breasts.   Should I wear a bra during breastfeeding? According to experts, from the beginning of breastfeeding, it is necessary to insist on wearing a bra. If you don't wear a bra, your breasts will droop significantly after weight gain. Especially in the case of severe breast concussion such as work and walking, the sagging is more obvious. Wearing a bra will provide support and support for the breasts, which will smooth the blood circulation of the breasts, which is good for promoting the secretion of milk and improving the breast's disease resistance. It can also protect the nipples from scratches and bumps. The following bra manufacturers sum up, there are several reasons for using breastfeeding underwear during breastfeeding: 1. The breasts become larger from the third month of pregnancy. If you still use a normal bra, the breast will be compressed and the amount of breast milk will decrease. Maternal sweat glands are active and prone to sweating. Changes in maternal body temperature can easily cause mastitis. 2. The special nursing cover for postpartum is designed with health and comfort as the design element. In the material selection, special attention is paid to increasing the breathability and moisture absorption, preventing the rise of body temperature and reducing the occurrence of mastitis. 3. The front opening design is convenient for breastfeeding and is a must-have item for postpartum.
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