The reason why underwear is so popular

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-08
Ladymate underwear manufacturers analyze the reasons why underwear is so popular. 1. Women's demand for underwear is determined. This is a big premise, and market demand promotes the development of the industry. A big feature of underwear is that its craft is different from the previous traditional seamed underwear. It is directly knitted from yarn, and then dyed, shrunk and other processes. The material requirements and process requirements are quite high. In addition, in recent years, people have become more and more aware of health, and sports have become a fashion. And because of its special craftsmanship and special material, underwear has good moisture absorption and quick-drying characteristics, and it is also elastic. With the special design of different parts, all this gray underwear has a good body shaping function. It just meets women's needs for life, so in recent years, underwear has become more and more popular and sought after by people. 2. The application of science and technology meets people's demand for underwear nowadays. Some of the fabrics used in the production of traditional women's underwear in the past are often uncomfortable when worn on the body. Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, new materials are emerging in quantity, and they are widely used in underwear, because the material is more elastic, the middle warp and weft scheduling range is more, the stretch index is large, the resilience is good, and it makes people feel comfortable to wear. . 3. The improvement of underwear production equipment has improved the underwear processing technology. Another big reason underwear is sought after by people is its good body shaping function. Heart of beauty in everyone. The body shaping underwear that emerged a few years ago is to help MM show a proud figure, but the body shaping underwear has been worn for a long time and it causes physical discomfort. In recent years, the underwear production equipment has been upgraded, and the computer programming software has been upgraded. Therefore, the underwear is in the design process. , The designer will directly make special designs for some parts, and the processed knitting combined with MM's body parts will have a body shaping effect, but it is different from shapewear which affects people's health.
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