The real thing that happened in the underwear processing factory

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-02
On this day, the underwear processing factories are praising Zhu Ge's new car, and they are envious. Yes, Brother Zhu has been knitting in the underwear processing factory Ladymate for 14 years. He has been working diligently and conscientiously. President Wang of the underwear processing factory also praised him stylishly and called on everyone to learn from him. He, now everyone calls him Brother Zhu, came to the underwear processing factory Ladymate Knitting 14 years ago as soon as he stepped into the society. Because he is relatively small, he is known as“Little radish head, talk less, and act honestly. For any factory instructed by the director of the underwear processing factory, it is silently completed without complaint. Sometimes he throws jobs that others don't want to do“Little radish head, help me to do it... He always smiled and silently helped to complete it. Temporary overtime work is also common in underwear processing plants. Whenever there is overtime work, the leader is always used to calling him to work overtime or substitute work, and he is happy to accept it. He never complained. One year has passed, and another year has passed. As always, in the underwear processing factory, he started from the first process to the last one. When the supervisors were used to being overwhelmed, he silently went up to the top of the underwear processing factory. When he complained, he always smiled lightly and never argued. After another year, two years, the manager of the underwear processing factory, his superior wanted to resign and go home. There was an uproar when the top of the underwear factory announced that he would take over the job of the previous supervisor. Among them, there are several senior employees of underwear processing factories.“outraged to protest“Why? The top of the underwear processing factory just signaled everyone to be quiet and said something“Because he is not afraid of losing money, he can complete all the processes of the underwear processing factory with high quality and quantity, and who of you can complete all the processes independently... Everyone is in silence... In the later period of the underwear processing factory management At work, he is also conscientious, leading by example, and conscientiously completing every job in the underwear processing factory that he has handed over to him, and soon he will be reconciled with his subordinates.……At the commendation meeting, a white new car was unveiled, and everyone was amazed. The company commended the employees who made special contributions to the underwear processing factory. Brother Zhu's name appeared on the paper. Following the leader's speech, one by one appeared on the projection picture. A clip of the employees working hard... At the end, when the prize was awarded and the name of Zhu Ge who won the special award was announced, the audience burst into warm applause. This story tells us: Many times, we have to learn to think in a different position and from a different perspective. It is a blessing to suffer. There is no shortage of smart people in this world, but there is a shortage of people who can calm down and do practical things. God is fair to everyone, as long as we give it seriously and give ourselves over, I believe that one day we will shine. Indeed, Ladymate knitting has been improving in the underwear processing factory“Suffering is the cultural concept of blessing. Because of this, the more than 350 employees of Ladymate knitting in the underwear processing factory have always been close to each other and work happily. Yes, in the Ladymate knitted underwear processing factory, here is the family, but also the school, but also the army. In the underwear processing factory, Ladymate knitting insists on ordinary jobs and works hard. What you will gain is not only wealth, but also recognition and growth! Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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