The pros and cons of seamless underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-16
Advantages of seamless underwear: seamless underwear is comfortable and close to the body, just like the second layer of human skin, it is natural and comfortable to wear. It highlights the beautiful lines of the human body, which is full and sexy; it can be worn comfortably, which can obviously change the defects of the human body; nourish the skin, and the beauty shaping underwear adds moisturizing raw materials to the skin, which has the effect of close-fitting protection to the skin. The main disadvantage of seamless underwear: the cost is high, so it is more expensive. Generally, there is no harm in the seamless underwear of regular big brands, but you can't just buy the inferior fabrics on the roadside, because the underwear itself is in contact with the skin, and the inferior underwear is easily deformed, and it also has certain damage to the chest. Moreover, it is necessary to check whether the product quality has passed the test, so that it can be used with confidence in life. The underwear worn by humans has undergone a long historical evolution, from the initial concealment to the stubborn pursuit of even the slightest difference in individual beauty. With the development of social economy and humanities, people have begun to return to the yearning and pursuit of natural life. Wearing underwear no longer blindly pursues effects such as body sculpting and breast enhancement, but pays more attention to the experience of 'health and comfort'. In order to meet people's pursuit of comfortable underwear, many companies continue to innovate and improve in terms of fabrics, craftsmanship and design. Underwear resulting from the basis of weaving technology finds the current best product interpretation for this demand. In the early 1990s, the Italian company Santoni created the three-dimensional weaving technology, which is a complete subversion of the traditional knitting technology in the world. Santoni has created a series of advanced fully computerized knitting machines for this purpose. Just enter a pre-programmed program, connect the yarn, and wait a few minutes to get the desired product without seams. Weaving technology allows designers to design without the limitation of fabrics. With the help of professional design software, a variety of different fabric effects and styles can be designed, and the design is infinitely free. Weaving is synonymous with comfort, which can make all kinds of natural fibers, man-made fibers and synthetic fibers realize the best combination application.
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