The production efficiency of underwear processing plants has doubled. Please see this article

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-02
Golden nine silver ten, it is the busy time of the underwear processing factory again, with the lights and night battles, working overtime, and the underwear processing factory Ladymate knitting has officially entered the busy time. While busy, Ladymate Knitting is also thinking and summarizing how to make the production efficiency of the underwear processing factory higher. Ladymate Knitting believes that from these 6 points, the production efficiency of the factory can be doubled. 1. Ideological issues. We often say that thoughts determine actions, and actions create habits. If you want to improve the production efficiency of the underwear processing factory, you must first make all the staff in the factory have an ideological consensus: you are doing things for yourself and creating the future for yourself, just use the platform of the existing factory to realize it. At the same time, the underwear factory must also formulate a corresponding incentive mechanism, with clear rewards and punishments, and set up a benchmark and example, so that those who are capable and willing to pay will get more returns. 2. Develop a corresponding plan and allocate a corresponding personnel structure. Do not fight unprepared battles, underwear processing factories must produce efficiently, they must make plans for underwear processing according to the actual situation of the factory, arrange corresponding personnel according to the actual situation of each process, make good connections, and do not make some processes busy and busy. Busy, and some processes are idle. For some processes, it may be necessary to recruit some new people, but it is still necessary to train new people before they take up their posts, and in the early stage, the old people should lead the new people. Don't hire new people directly. Sometimes you make mistakes, scrap them, and delay more time. I think this is often the case in underwear processing factories. When you're busy, you can just hire some part-time workers. Yes, you go to work directly, if you make a mistake, the whole factory will be in a hurry. 3. The corresponding auxiliary personnel and procedures need to be in place in time. In fact, this point should be attributed to the planning plan of the underwear processing factory. We know that underwear processing, especially the processing and production of knitted underwear like Ladymate knitting, has extremely high requirements on machinery and equipment, so every order is placed, the factory must There are corresponding equipment maintenance personnel and operators to debug the machinery and equipment together to maximize the production efficiency of underwear processing. 4. Core management should be in place. In order to improve production efficiency, the core of underwear processing plants is still people, so core management is very important, so it is very important to rationally allocate personnel, arrange orders for assembly line operations, and find and solve problems in time when problems occur. Some underwear processing factories get messed up when they are busy, and they often can't find the relevant person in charge. You push me, I push you, like kicking a ball, and the production efficiency is definitely not high. 5. The environment matters. A good underwear processing factory environment can attract talents, and at the same time can ensure that workers have a happy mood to work. As mentioned earlier, if the underwear processing factory wants to improve production efficiency, everyone must have a common ideology. In fact, it is useless to think that everyone has a common ideology, otherwise everyone will think that you are talking about nothing. Create a good living, working and learning environment for workers, so that workers can live and work in the underwear processing factory, learn and be happy, it will naturally improve the efficiency of underwear processing. 6. Salary income. In fact, one of the main reasons why workers come to work in underwear processing plants is that they are reflected in their own wages. A fair and just working environment allows employees who are capable and willing to pay to get a more reasonable income, respect them, and do not operate in the dark. Therefore, if the underwear processing factory can do these points, I believe that the employees will not give up and work hard, and try to improve the efficiency of underwear processing. Ladymate Knitting“Ladymate--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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