The principle of shapewear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-13
For the same reason, the small scale shall prevail. The production equipment should be equipped with electric scissors/cutting bed, special tail machine/packaging, etc. , The preparation is about 80,000 yuan, and the production line should also be equipped with procurement/cutting. Check shirts, ironing, packaging and other relevant departments. If the initial working capital of 20 workers is about 80,000 yuan, a total of about 160,000 yuan will be needed, and the small garment processing factory can initially start operations. A pure sewing-type garment processing factory can be established with only 30,000 yuan. If you just want to be a sewing garment processing factory, you only need to understand the sewing process, and you can also take over the pieces from a nearby factory that has outsourced processing. There are some very small garment processing factories near Humen. That's it. Small workshop styles such as bed cutting and rear packaging are not made. The Ladymate bra is 93% memory fiber cotton + 7% Lycra cotton~, and memory breathable cotton can burn about 399 calories of fat in one hour! Postpartum fat is edema, and it is necessary to wear a corset to inhibit and control the flow of body fat, so as to achieve the effect of shaping and slimming, prevent sagging of internal organs, and wear comfortable. Our Ladymate bra can make body fat flow, replace lost, displaced and sagging fat, activate fat cells, help lymphatics, and make fat burn, break down and disappear. Wearing for a long time can make body fat exist reasonably, and distribute it according to the 'golden ratio' of the body, thereby reshaping the charming measurement curve and maintaining a beautiful body for life. ***The point is that our corsets are made of memory fiber cotton + combed cotton, which is comfortable and breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer! Changing the appearance of the body through the external pressure of clothes is the simple principle of corset. But the principle is clear at a glance, and it does not mean that there are fewer problems. There are always questions about corsets in the background. The core question is: Can a corset be shaped? The answer depends on which aspect you are asking-short-term or long-term? Short-term shaping is of course no problem. Hundreds of years ago, Western women often used corsets to tie their waists and reduce their waist circumferences, aiming to instantly improve their body appearance and highlight the effect of three-dimensional contrast. 2. Precautions for postpartum corset 1. Do not wear a corset immediately after childbirth. From a health perspective, if you are a normal child, you can wear a corset one month later. Because the corset exerts a certain amount of pressure on the body, it can tighten fat and loose flesh. After giving birth, the body is still relatively weak, and the natural recovery function will be healthier for the body. If the mother had a C-section, a corset can be worn 6 months after delivery. Because it is necessary to wait for the wound of the caesarean section to heal, the energy and endocrine function consumed will keep the body in a high metabolic state. After the wound of caesarean section is healed, piercing the abdomen helps the displaced internal organs to return to their original position during pregnancy, and also helps to speed up the discharge of lochia. 2. Keep the bra clean. Pay attention to ventilation while wearing the corset after childbirth to prevent overheating and sweating, which may cause inflammation of the wound. Note that the bra must be changed frequently to keep it dry. For a person who wants to stay in shape. In terms of keeping your figure, adjustable underwear is indeed a good helper, which can prevent your fat from growing at will, effectively prevent fat from escaping, and maintain a perfect curve at all times. Recommended style: Backing underwear: For people who sit and work all day, backing underwear can effectively prevent the lower abdomen and reduce the possibility of hunchback. Bian Xiao's tip: Wear shaping underwear and scientific configuration techniques can make the shaping effect more secure. The key to adjusting the bra is to transfer the fat on the arms, armpits, and back to the cup, and the excess fat is transferred from the inner and outer thighs to the hip cup.
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