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by:LADYMATE     2022-01-17
As women's underwear, underwear is basically worn every day. For the choice of underwear, many women will give priority to pure cotton underwear. Although it is comfortable to wear, it is easily deformed during washing. How to deal with this phenomenon? Let us understand with the underwear manufacturers: Next, it is necessary to understand the reasons for underwear deformation! Many people understand that they are dried or wrung out directly after washing the underwear. In fact, this is also incorrect. This is the easiest way to deform underwear. The correct way is to use a dry towel to fully absorb the moisture on the underwear, and then we cool the underwear so that the underwear will not be deformed. After the underwear has dried, let's take a look at how to store and fold it. Many people put their underwear at will, which can deform their underwear. Therefore, when folding, the non-wire underwear can fold one cup into another, and then put the shoulder straps back into the lining. In this way, soft and comfortable underwear will not be deformed. Another situation is that if there are steel wires on the bra, as long as it is laid flat, the underwear can be rolled into a round rod, which is very easy to clean. In this way, we can not only save space, but also store clothes in a more orderly manner. As for some girls who like to wear sports underwear, you can put it in the washing machine, but avoid using the dryer. In addition, pay attention to the following points: 1. Before washing the underwear, first check the underwear. If the thread comes off, be sure to sew it first, hook the hook after the hook, and fasten the shoulder strap to avoid hooking the fabric during the washing process. 2. When washing, the neutral lotion should be dissolved in warm water at 30°C-40°C before putting down the clothes. After soaking for a period of time, gently tap the clothes with your hands. Do not wash clothes too hard to avoid wearing fabrics. 3. Rinse the lotion thoroughly. 4. Do not use fabric softener after washing, so as not to damage the elastic fibers of the underwear. 5. After washing, don't wring it out by hand. You can only wrap it with a dry towel, squeeze it with your hands, let the towel absorb moisture, and then flatten the underwear to its original state. If it is a bust, the shape of the cup must be clear. 6. Clothes are easy to deteriorate and fade in the sun, so underwear can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place. 7. A wet bra should be hung up at the point between the cup and the cup. Do not hang the shoulder strap because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap. Why does underwear turn yellow? If your hands or laundry tub are stained with bleach when washing underwear, the underwear will change color upon contact, so you must be careful when washing clothes. In addition, there is not enough water to thoroughly wash the underwear after washing, so that the excess lotion remains on the clothes, which will also make the underwear yellow. Yellowing of underwear will also appear after sun exposure. How to clean stains on underwear? If the underwear is dirty, it should be washed as soon as possible. The longer the time, if the stain penetrates into the fibrous tissue of the material
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