The postpartum repair industry is relatively hot, and the year begins

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-05
Body management to help you with postpartum repair and pelvic closure, and restore your girly figure faster! ~Postpartum repair is commonly known as confinement in China. This is a process that every new mother must go through. After the hardships of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth in October, new mothers need a period of time to recover to condition their bodies. There are some New mothers don't pay much attention to postpartum repair, they simply think that this is a habit only in Eastern countries, so what is the importance of postpartum repair? What is the importance of postpartum repair? 1-3 months postpartum is a period when women are the most fragile psychologically and physically weakest, and the recovery during this period is related to lifelong health. Expert surveys have found that many diseases of Chinese women are hidden dangers left by incomplete postpartum recovery, and the traditional Chinese family-style 'confinement' has many disadvantages for maternal recovery. After giving birth, women need a period of time to recover their mind, physiology, and body. Many mothers only pay attention to the recovery of their body, and often ignore the recovery of their physiology and mind. In fact, the three are very important and indispensable. Therefore, the importance of postpartum repair is self-evident, and everyone should pay attention to the problem of postpartum repair. What are the main contents of postpartum recovery? 1. Basic conditioning: fundamentally regulate the human body constitution, restore the ability to run qi and blood, provide the necessary guarantee for postpartum recovery, and make the constitution achieve the best balance. Such as dredging meridians and collaterals, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, maintenance of liver and kidney, conditioning of heart and lungs, maintenance of ovaries, etc. 2. Clear blood stasis and detoxification: remove residual toxins in the body after childbirth, open up the normal metabolic channels of the human body, eliminate hidden dangers of postpartum problems and ensure postpartum health. Such as clearing the palace and removing blood stasis, moistening the bowels and defecation, reducing lipids and detoxification, and removing residual milk. 3. Body shape recovery: restore body damage and restore body shape. Prevent the spread of various body injuries caused during pregnancy and childbirth, and restore the body to the pre-pregnancy level. Such as slimming and fat reduction, breast maintenance, in addition to stretch marks, etc. 4. Physical recovery: restore the organs affected by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. When each organ is restored, it restores its immediate function, so that the human body can achieve a dynamic balance. Such as uterine involution, reproductive beauty therapy, body aches, physical weakness, etc. From the above, we can understand that postpartum repair is very important. No matter where you are, new mothers will have a postpartum repair process, but the method is different. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to postpartum repair. It is not as rigid as confinement, but you can still follow the rest or recuperation.
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