The positioning of body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-04
The fundamental positioning of body beauty underwear is functional underwear with a clear purpose. Different from ordinary underwear, which only meets the routine functions of concealment and confidentiality, body beauty underwear has an obvious functional purpose, that is, through appropriate pressure on body fat, muscle and other tissues. And directional adjustment, under the action of long wear, the body shape is gradually adjusted and optimized. It is the clearest and most basic function of Bodysuit, and it is also the main reason for its birth. On this basis, positioning the beauty underwear as functional underwear to meet the adjustment and optimization of its form and function has become the basic starting point of the design, production and use of the body beauty underwear. This decision fundamentally determines that there is a fundamental difference and difference between body-building underwear and ordinary underwear. For any practitioner, the first thing to clarify is the basic concept of body-building underwear.
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