The main points of buying a breastfeeding bra

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-12
Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the main points of buying breastfeeding bras. 1. Opening design: Moms can buy breastfeeding breastfeeding bras, which are beautiful in appearance and are suitable from pregnancy to breastfeeding. If the baby needs to eat, the mother can easily hold the baby in one hand and unbutton the breastfeeding, which is convenient and easy to clean. 2. Angle: Choose a 4/4 full cup with a raised angle and depth. The fabric should be a thin, elastic cotton knit bra. 3. Steel wire support: the bottom of the cup should contain a steel wire support wrapped in cotton fabric. 4. The shoulder straps are vertical: the shoulder straps are vertical and wide, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the shoulders caused by the full breasts. 5. The bottom of the bottom is wide: the bottom of the bottom of the nursing bra should be slightly wider, and the fabric should be elastic, such as cotton and Lycra texture. Choose a larger model, otherwise it will make the underarms and back grooves appear unsightly. 6. Bra color: Mother wears a white bra. If it is pure white, it may be added with bleach, which will adversely affect the health of mother and baby. 7. Quantity to buy: The arduous task of breastfeeding mothers is to feed the baby well, and other things need to be temporarily put aside, generally at least one month of breastfeeding. It is recommended to prepare at least 3 nursing bras, one to wear, one to change and one to spare.
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