The little knowledge of private custom functional underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-29
Functional underwear has the effects of beauty and self-cultivation, and is one of the clothes that most modern women like. It can improve breast expansion, sagging, and adjust back fat. Even if you don’t have these problems, wearing an adjusted bra can keep your perfect breasts longer. So, how do we better maintain and adjust underwear to extend the service life of underwear? Private custom underwear manufacturers will answer for you. Cleaning and maintenance methods for Bodysuit 1. Soak in cold water or slightly warm water to below 30 degrees Celsius, and soak in cold wash essence. 2. Do not use bleach, and avoid washing with colored clothes. 3. Knead gently when cleaning, and do not wash for too long to avoid deformation, no dehydration, and dry screw. 4. Use a towel to absorb sweat, in a cool and ventilated place, from level to dry (bras should be hung upside down to dry). No sun, no drying, so as not to deteriorate and turn yellow. 5. After drying is complete, lay it flat along the direction of the plastic plate and the steel belt. Precautions for wearing 1. When the weather is not too hot, wear it for about four to eight hours a day; wear it for two to six hours in summer to make the body easy to sweat and normal metabolism. 2. Prepare at least two or three pieces of body underwear, so that your adjusted underwear can be cleaned and rested frequently to prolong the service life. 3. Try to leave a special space for the wardrobe to adjust the underwear, so as not to damage the plastic strips or be soiled by other clothes. 4. Women who use adjusted underwear for the first time should start with a low number and wear them for two hours a day, and then gradually increase their time and order after adapting. ?
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