The Future Trend of Underwear Processing Industry-Underwear Factory Revealed

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-31
2017 has entered June without knowing it. For many underwear factories, life is really difficult. Many underwear factories have already entered a semi-stop state. Everyone is anxious and waiting. The whole underwear processing industry this year is anxious. Everyone called it a hard day. The wait is that many underwear factories are waiting for the external environment to improve and expect the passenger flow to pick up. So what is the trend of the underwear processing industry in the future? Ladymate Knitting - a manufacturer specializing in underwear in 2017, with an annual production of 12 million pieces of underwear. It is also deeply felt that the four major trends in the future development of the underwear processing industry are inevitable. 1. Small batch customization of underwear processing has become a trend. Underwear processing, especially the underwear manufacturers who are mainly engaged in foreign trade export, feel the same way. In the past, a customer can process a batch of underwear with a minimum order of 3,000 or 5,000 pieces. Now, many customers are asking, 500 pieces of 3 colors, 300 pieces Pieces of 4 yards, etc. can do. This shows that with the development of society, people are more and more in pursuit of personalized customization, and the small amount of underwear processing has become an inevitable trend. 2. The cross-industry integration of the underwear processing industry has come. This is most obvious on the e-commerce platform. You buy a piece of women's underwear on a certain platform, and the platform immediately recommends pants or shoes to you. This has also come quietly in the underwear processing industry. For example, a seller of flowers and gifts may find you to process a batch of women's underwear and sell them as gifts. In the previous article, underwear manufacturers analyzed the cross-border underwear processing industry in the Internet era.“In the robbery article, Ladymate Knitting also introduced in detail that the underwear processing industry should pay attention to the integration of cross-border resources in different industries. 3. The underwear processing industry should pay attention to its own brand building. The importance of brand, I believe that every underwear manufacturer is very clear, brand building is not an overnight success for underwear factories, but social development, people's recognition of brands directly affects the future of underwear factories. Brand is trust to users. In the past, some underwear manufacturers mainly focused on OEM processing, earning a small processing fee. With the further intensification of the competition in the underwear processing industry, how to capture the will of customers is particularly important. Therefore, at present, it is imminent for the underwear factory to reshape its own brand. An underwear manufacturer with a story, culture, responsibility and responsibility is more recognized by customers. 4. Pay attention to the Internet and combine online and offline methods. Today, there is no one in the underwear processing industry who does not think the importance of the Internet, and no underwear factory can be completely separated from the Internet. The application of the Internet as a tool to the underwear processing industry tests the wisdom of the decision-making level of the underwear factory, because the Internet has already surpassed traditional TV and newspapers. The media is the most direct and fastest way. How to make good use of Internet tools to serve the underwear factory processing industry is worth thinking about. In short, the future development trend of the underwear processing industry requires you to have a long-term vision pattern at the decision-making level of underwear manufacturers. It must not be limited to the present, but can see far and clearly. Combined with the development of your own underwear factory, strive to seek breakthroughs. , maybe the opportunity is at hand! --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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