The function of abdomen pants

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-28
Abdomen pants, a double-layer pressure structure with elastic and non-elastic fabrics, push the lower abdomen fat to the groin to heat up and consume, forming a flat lower abdomen. The following bra manufacturers will talk about the function of abdomen pants. Abdominal function The abdomen is a place where fat accumulates simply. Exquisite choice with unique abdominal compression function, ingenious choice planning, with different elastic properties and double-layer elastic net, can effectively and comfortably tighten the abdomen. Modification of the leg lines The trouser tube type abdomen trousers are equipped with double-layer elastic nets, which can be selected according to the leg lines, making the beautiful legs more slender and slender. Highlight the exquisite and slim waist. The length of the abdomen pants can cover the waist and stomach, and can adjust the lines of the waist, abdomen and hips together. It is especially designed for women who value the curvaceous waist. Lifting and tightening the buttocks. The three-dimensional choice and double elastic crotch fabric enhance the lifting and concentration on the side and bottom of the buttocks.
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