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by:LADYMATE     2021-09-21
Women only have health, beauty, brilliance, and body shape to be the perfect woman with confidence and temperament, showing a distinctive style! Deep and continuous massage of women's breasts by far infrared rays can move the fat significantly and eliminate the butterfly sleeves of the arms. Eight dredges the triple focus, through up and down. Zhongmai body underwear carries out deep suction and release exercises on the chest, which can effectively dredge the triple burnt meridian. The three burners are connected with each other, and the body penetrates up and down. Nine front chest and back. The heat effect of far-infrared rays of Bodysuit eliminates the pathological process of inflammation through the response of neurohumoral, accelerates the restoration of the damaged physiological balance state, improves the local and systemic disease resistance, activates the function of immune cells, and strengthens white blood cells and reticulocytes. Its phagocytic function can achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The far-infrared thermal effect of body underwear increases skin temperature, reduces sympathetic nerve sensory ability, releases vasoactive substances, expands blood vessels, accelerates blood flow, improves blood circulation, enhances tissue nutrition, activates tissue metabolism, increases cell oxygen supply, and improves blood supply and oxygen supply in the lesion area State, enhance cell regeneration ability, control the development of inflammation, localize, and accelerate the repair of lesions. It can effectively accelerate blood circulation in the chest, thereby promoting blood circulation in the back, effectively improving shoulder, neck, waist and back pain, and detoxification. Ten to improve the prevention of breast disease. The far-infrared thermal effect of body underwear improves microcirculation, establishes collateral circulation, enhances cell membrane stability, regulates ion concentration, improves osmotic pressure, accelerates the discharge of toxic metabolites, accelerates the absorption of permeate, and eliminates inflammation and swelling. Promote blood circulation (regulate blood gas), make lump softer and smaller (soft nodules) through vibration, promote the smooth circulation of breast blood and lymphatic system, improve and prevent breast diseases faced by women. Eleven to improve immunity. Immunity is a physiological protective response of the human body. It includes cellular immunity and humoral immunity. It is extremely important for the human body to resist diseases. Far infrared rays can indeed improve the phagocytic function of macrophages, regulate cellular immunity and humoral immunity, and are beneficial to human health. Promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism and discharge of toxins, promote blood circulation throughout the body, speed up the operation of organs throughout the body, reduce toxins in the body, and improve immunity. 12. Regulating endocrine Infrared rays are the light of life. Infrared photon energy (1.6-0.001 electron volts) cannot activate the electron energy level of molecules, so it cannot ionize matter like ultraviolet rays. Infrared radiation can only activate the vibrational energy level of molecules. The energy difference between vibration energy levels is generally below 1 electron volt. In other words, because the far-infrared energy forms the atomic bond energy of the molecule is small, the molecular structure cannot be changed. However, under the action of far-infrared photons, especially 2-6 micron far-infrared photons, the energy level of biological molecules is excited, at a higher vibrational energy level, thereby activating the activity of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acid proteins, thereby exerting biological Macromolecules regulate the body's metabolism, immunity and other activities, which is conducive to the restoration and balance of human functions, and achieves the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. The uterus is the root, the breast is the leaf, and the face is the flower. The breast communicates with the uterus and ovaries. Wearing Ladymate Bodysuit can effectively improve uterine function and ovarian function, and regulate endocrine! Thirteen psychological adjustment body underwear has two functions: external shaping and internal adjustment. The chest is beautiful, and the woman's self-confidence and charm will be displayed. 14. Anti-aging and delaying aging. If the body's metabolism is disordered, resulting in abnormal exchange of substances between the body and the outside, various diseases will continue to occur. Such as water and electrolyte metabolism disorders, which are severely life-threatening; diabetes caused by glucose metabolism disorders; lipid metabolism disorders lead to cardiovascular diseases and obesity; protein metabolism disorders cause gout, etc. Through the far-infrared thermal effect, it can increase cell viability, regulate neurohumoral mechanism, strengthen metabolism, and stabilize material exchange in the body. When women reach the age of 25, estrogen declines by a certain percentage every year, the hormones decrease, the human body is rapidly aging, irregular menstruation, skin spots lack of elasticity, and the probability of breast, uterine, ovarian cancer increases, etc. are caused by endocrine disorders. Fifteen to be the perfect woman Ladymate Bodysuit manufacturers have always upheld the brand values u200bu200bthat women’s growth is more important than success, to create a curvy body, care for women’s growth, and achieve the brand mission of a happy family, and strive to provide Asian women with both internal and external beauty in their lives; it not only helps For women to create curvy figures, it is more important for them to use their energy to win the respect of others, to obtain family happiness and health with a healthy and confident attitude, and to realize the good wishes buried in their hearts. Only when a woman is healthy, beautiful, radiant, and well-shaped can she be confident and temperamental, show her unique charm, and be the perfect woman!
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