The difference between underwear and ordinary underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-01
The following bra manufacturers talk about the difference between underwear and ordinary underwear. 1. Knitting process: Ordinary underwear mainly refers to knitting fabrics with large circular knitting machines, which need to be cut into garments and then sewn into garments, similar to the sewing process of ordinary woven fabrics. Underwear refers to the method of weft knitting with a small special circular machine, and according to a pre-planned computer program, weaving into a tubular garment piece (without side seams) at a time, then dyeing and fixing the garment piece, and then simple cutting After stitching, a tailor is made. Compared with traditional knitted garments, the particularity of underwear is: 1. Because it has no side seams, the continuous weft-knitted fiber weaving process makes the garment pieces have super stretchability, which far exceeds that of sewn garments; 2. Suitable for different functions and beautiful planning needs, a variety of arrangements can be woven on the garment piece at one time, and the connection and transition between arrangements and arrangements are gap-connected. 3. Multiple fibers can be used for mixed weaving, In particular, the strengths of elastic fiber are perfectly combined with other fibers, which not only shows the comfort and beauty of the fiber, but also shows the application function of durability and washing, non-deformation and easy care. 4. Therefore, the process is particularly suitable for woven underwear and sportswear to wear next to the body, abnormally caring about comfort, without pressure and discomfort. 2. Dyeing process: The dyeing of underwear is attributed to tailor dyeing, which is different from fabric dyeing. Occasionally, there will be very light creases, which is a normal phenomenon.
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