The difference between underwear and ordinary underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-16
The following Shantou Ladymate underwear manufacturers, Shantou Ladymate sportswear manufacturers and Shantou Ladymate bra manufacturers say that seamless underwear is more specific than traditional knitted ordinary underwear:    1. Since the underwear has no side seam partitions, continuous weft knitting fibers are woven. The technology makes the garment part have super stretchability, far beyond the sewn garment;   2, in order to meet the different functions and beautiful design requirements, it can woven a variety of layout structures on the garment part at a time, and lay out and arrange The connection and excess between them are gap-connected;   3, underwear can be mixed with a variety of fibers, especially the advantages of elastic fibers are perfectly combined with other fibers, which not only expresses the comfort and beauty of the fibers, but also shows durability It is washable, non-deformable and easy to take care of;   4. Therefore, the technology is especially suitable for woven into obscene clothing and sportswear to wear next to the body, which is very considerate and comfortable, without squeezing and discomfort.
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