The difference between nursing bra and ordinary bra

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-09
Let's talk about the difference between nursing bra and ordinary bra below Shantou Ladymate underwear manufacturer, Shantou Ladymate sportswear manufacturer and Shantou Ladymate bra manufacturer. 1. Easy to clean and maintain hygiene. Small window: There will be a 'window' on the breastfeeding bra, which can be opened to relieve the pain when the mother feels that the milk is full. It can prevent the occurrence of obstruction of milk secretion due to poor milk circulation. Side socket: Like the front buckle, a socket is also designed on the inside of the breastfeeding bra, which can insert chest pads and small towels from here, which not only absorbs the overflowing milk, but also facilitates cleaning. 2. Open the outer layer: The two chest hooks of the nursing bra are movable, and the outer layer can be opened for breastfeeding from here, and the inner layer will not be completely detached. 3. Open U-shaped brace: The U-shaped brace of the nursing bra is open, and the opening is larger than that of the ordinary bra to prevent the mother's breast growth from being restricted. The U-shaped brace of an ordinary bra has a small opening, which is a concentrated brace. 4. Wider sides: The sides of nursing bras are slightly wider than ordinary bras, which helps to control chest fat and help new mothers restore their prenatal body shape. 5. Shoulder width: The shoulder straps are wider and more elastic than ordinary bras, which can reduce the pressure on the shoulders of the growing breasts and make the new mother more comfortable; 6. Anti-compression: Nursing bras generally leave a finger or two wide Space to prevent the bra from squeezing the breasts. 7. Preparation hook: There is a preparation hook on the back of the nursing bra, which is convenient for new mothers to use when they become fat after delivery.
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