The difference between custom-made body underwear and general underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-18
As women’s usual clothes, it is not only a close-fitting garment, but also a special tool for women to create a devil's figure. More and more women are just beginning to choose underwear for personal customization. It is also because it can professionally customize an underwear that belongs to you according to your body type. It is not as popular as ordinary underwear, and functional underwear can also be created. Body shape can kill two birds with one stone. So what is the difference between body underwear customization and general underwear? The first is the difference between the cup shape. The Bodysuit customization is tailor-made according to the precise measurement and the size of the cup shape. The best female body shape, while the general underwear is excellent Most of them only have an estimated yardage when purchasing, and it is difficult to pick the one that suits them. In addition, it is the structural design plan. The custom-made functional underwear chooses a wider shoulder strap. It is unwilling to use thin shoulder straps for general underwear, which causes the shoulders to be concave after long-term wear. The second is the design of the back. The U-shaped design is used when customizing Bodysuit. On the one hand, it can smooth the back flesh and have the effect of beautifying the back. On the other hand, it is to prevent the shoulder straps from falling. The more important thing is the fabric materials for functional underwear customization.Generally, the material regulations for underwear are very general.Generally, raw materials such as cotton and yarn can be used to make, but the customization of Bodysuit is different. It not only specifies the underwear The fabric must also ensure its own ductility, breathability and other standards.
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