The difference between body underwear and ordinary underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-03
is designed according to ergonomics, human mechanics, textile science, modern computer science and technology. It is healthy and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for women to wear underwear for a long time. Generally, there are adjustable bras, shorts, five-point trousers, and long trousers. , Waist clips, long-sleeved clips, waist abundance, one-piece underwear, etc. Body beauty underwear can guide the growth direction of fat, restore the lost, displaced and sagging fat, strengthen the effect of sweating and massage, promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, help lymphatic detoxification, and make fat burn, decompose and disappear for a long time. Dressing can make the body fat exist reasonably and distribute it evenly, so as to achieve the 'golden ratio' and standardize the repair of the deformed body shape, so as to achieve the effect of reshaping the charming measurement curve and immortalizing the beautiful body shape. Ordinary underwear. Ordinary underwear, such as camisole, vest, chest wrap, and European version bras are called ordinary underwear, which can only play a covering role, keep warm, and cannot shape curves. Women's decorative figure and underwear design are becoming more and more particular, and underwear is constantly evolving, developing rapidly from bras, underwear, and corsets. It was not until Japan that ergonomic underwear was invented for the first time, which is comfortable to wear, close to the body and has obvious orthopedic effect - body underwear. This humanized care of the female body creates a curvaceous body underwear, which has won the favor of women all over the world in just a few decades, and has been in the market all the way.
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