The difference between a bra and a non-wired bra

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-23
After so many years of development of women's underwear bras, all kinds of women's underwear such as sewn bras, bras, non-wired bras, and seamless bras are flooding the whole shopping mall. Many people will also wonder what kind of women's underwear bras are we wearing. Woolen cloth? What is the difference between them? Let's talk about the bra manufacturers below. We often see that the bra is said to have no steel ring in the promotion and description, it is moisture-absorbing, quick-drying, and breathable. In fact, a rimless bra is not the same as a bra. A rimless bra is just relative to our traditional ladies' underwear bra. As we know, there is a kind of bra on the market that can bring out the proud figure of a woman, making 'tall and straight' more attractive. This is because there is a kind of women's underwear in the traditional sewn bra. There are two steel rings under the cup (many of them are made of plastic). In order to save costs, many bras without rims are used to support the breasts by directly removing the two rims under the cup. However, its production process is the same as the traditional seam underwear bra processing technology, which is first woven into fabric, and then cut and sewn. Bras refer to knitted underwear bras. It uses a more advanced technology. It is directly woven from yarn through a machine to produce garments. It is a one-time molding process and has no steel ring. It is more comfortable to wear and is very suitable for sports and leisure. Bras have higher requirements for production equipment and personnel skills. Yarn-knitted garments require designers to design, program, and then machine. So relatively speaking, the price of this kind of bra is higher, and it seems that the level is better. This is also in recent years, this kind of bra has been increasingly sought after by young MMs.
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