The development trend of body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-15
1. The needs of the body-building underwear market: The body-building industry has become China’s fifth largest industrial chain (the first is the real estate industry, the second is the vehicle, the third is IT, and the fourth is the beauty and skin care industry). Facial beauty-related products, 30,000 daily chemical lines, 40,000 technical professional lines. Nowadays, market competition has entered into an increasingly fierce segment. With the improvement of the facial beauty industry, many large beauty salons have gradually expanded their business processes to the beauty and skin care industry. As a component of a beautiful surface, a perfect body shape can produce a more immediate visual stimulus, which is a more important reflection of women's beauty. Women like to look at the key points, women like to look at the face, and men like to look at the overall. Therefore, men first look at the figure of the woman (how does the curve graph) and immediately decide on the overall beauty and aura. Therefore, Mr. World chooses the beautiful norms, and there is no face rule. There is no requirement for skin color, but there are three rounds. 2. China's body-building underwear sales market is huge: According to the survey and research report released by China's authoritative survey organization, the annual sales volume of China's underwear sales market has reached 70 billion yuan, which is increasing at a rate of about 20% every year. After such a huge increase in data and information, the underwear market is now in great demand. It is full of elegant cakes. More than 50% of women in Korea, Japan, Taiwan wear Bodysuit. In China, only women wear body underwear. 3~5%, less than 10% of capitalism and geography. With the development trend of economic development and the increase in wage levels, Chinese women's pursuit of beauty is slowly catching up, surpassing capitalism in Europe, America and Asia, and the demand for body underwear is rapidly expanding. All industries are divided into three links: chaotic blank sales market-orderly market competition-monopoly. In the chaotic and blank sales market in various fields, wealth is harvested, and there are loud noises in the orderly market competition. Monopoly has been digested by industry leaders to absorb most of the rights and interests. So far, there are no more than 30 Chinese body underwear brands, and most of them are not technically professional. The future development trend will be 300, 30,000, and 300,000. From 30 to 300,000, how much will there be? Today, the beauty and hairdressing industry has created many people, the vehicle industry has created many people, the restaurant industry has created many people, and the IT industry has created many people. Today, the development trend of Bodysuit from 30 brands to 30,000 brands to 300,000 brands of indoor space, the development prospects are very promising. At that time, if China's 3% could be raised to 30%, the profit would be a huge figure. Therefore, the development trend of China's bodybuilding industry is promising, and a trillion sales market will be generated in the next 20 years.
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