The development history and future direction of underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-09-05
Development History and Direction of Underwear The underwear industry started in the 1990s. After the completion of the four districts of the International Trade City in 2008, the overall underwear industry was relocated from the Huangyuan Road Knitting Market to the four districts concentrated operation through the adjustment of the market industry layout. Ladymate Clothing Co., Ltd. was born at that time. The underwear industry is engaged in both domestic and foreign trade, and domestic sales account for a slightly larger proportion. After decades of development, the underwear industry has become the largest domestic underwear first-level trade wholesale market and the world's largest underwear trade transit station. It is one of the most advantageous industries. . With the growth of China's per capita income and the opening of the Chinese people's underwear consumption views, underwear consumption has gradually become more fashionable, personalized and diversified, and the demand for underwear consumption by Chinese residents has gradually increased, and the growth rate of the market size is relatively obvious. In 2020, the size of China's underwear market will exceed 200 billion yuan. And because the Chinese underwear brand enterprises started later than the brand enterprises in Europe, the United States and Japan as a whole, the brand concentration is lower than that of the foreign market, and the overall market has more room for development. Through the analysis of brand enterprises in the underwear industry, it can be found that the number of physical stores is decreasing every year. On the contrary, the proportion of e-commerce in total operating income is increasing year by year. Especially since the epidemic in 2020, the physical stores are even more closed. Several. In the Internet era, it is not necessary to say that online consumption is the general trend, but with the current traffic dividend peaking and the cost of public domain traffic rising, private domain traffic such as live broadcast, a low-cost and high-conversion method, should become a new brand. development focus. While laying out the entire network marketing, in the context of the big data era, the integration of online and offline also includes big data-driven and smart stores. Market-oriented to create a data-based wholesaler in the new era, relying on sufficient sales data analysis as support, through big data + artificial intelligence, to make products closer to the needs of market consumers, and to empower customers with accurate insights and products through big data. Sales and Brand Operations. Integrate online channels and display products in offline stores to give customers a sense of experience and directly perceive the quality of products. The professionalism and good attitude of store staff can also make customers willing to consume. Through dynamic displays such as short videos and live broadcasts, the sense of trust between merchants and customers and the efficiency of information transmission are enhanced, and the transaction rate is greatly improved. With the advantages of online and offline service linkage, merchants can effectively maintain and expand their loyal user base.
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