The design concept of sports quick-drying clothes

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-27
The following Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the design concept of sports quick-drying clothes. The design concept of sports quick-drying clothes and its quick-drying principle are inseparable from the use environment. The initial design concept of sports quick-drying clothes is mainly based on two considerations: 1. Internal elements Because people engaged in outdoor activities are more prone to sweating. If you exercise a lot, your whole body will sweat profusely. If you are wearing ordinary clothes at this time, they will cling to your skin, which is especially sad. But sports quick-drying clothes, they can quickly evaporate the evaporated sweat to the body. 2. External elements When walking in the wild, the morning dew or drizzle will wet your clothes. If the trouser legs are tightly attached to the legs, it will bring uncomfortable feeling. If it is a sports quick-drying clothing, then their quick-drying performance and water repellent performance will save you from these unnecessary troubles. The principle of quick-drying is a very professional problem. The principles used are different for different fabrics. Some use similar shape memory polymers; some use microporous membranes; and some use the diameter of water droplets and water molecules. , The principle of difference between air molecules, etc. Here, we will introduce the principle of using microporous membranes.
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