The choice of underwear material is very important

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-09
Clothing has produced more colorful colors for social development. Foshan underwear custom manufacturer-Foshan Boxin Clothing Editor recommends that you must master: the material of underwear is the key! Everyone wears clothes not only to be beautiful and generous, but also to be physically and mentally healthy. It is not advisable to blindly pursue fashionable and good-looking underwear without paying attention to physical and mental health. Nowadays, the most commonly used fabrics for underwear include pure cotton, silk fabrics, chemical fibers, hemp fibers, bamboo fibers, and other natural fibers. Pure cotton: The cotton fiber that pops out of cotton seeds is personalized and easy-going, it is easy to be dyed in various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable and particularly breathable. It is the key material for most underwear. In addition, the durability of cotton fiber is also recognized. Silk fabric: Silk fabric is called the 'queen' of textile products. Everyone accepts it not only because of its beauty, softness, softness and smoothness, but also depends on its unique health care function: melt flow rate. . In the hot summer, the water absorption and breathability of silk fabric underwear is beneficial to adjust the temperature and humidity of the body. Chemical fiber: Chemical fiber fabrics are easy to wear, soft, stiff, and colorful, and have always been loved by everyone. However, they have a certain irritation to the skin. Because the raw materials of chemical fiber textiles are obtained from high-molecular materials such as coal, crude oil, gas and other chemical substances or nitrogen-containing compounds, some of them are likely to become allergens. Once they enter the human body, they may easily cause skin allergies. Causes itching, pain, swelling or small blisters. In addition, this type of fabric has poor air permeability and water absorption, which endangers sweat volatilization and skin inhalation. Hemp fiber: The hemp fiber drawn from the hemp stem is thicker and prone to wrinkles, but it will return to normal if it is ironed by an electric iron. The characteristic of hemp fiber is natural ventilation and coolness, suitable for summer wear. Bamboo fiber: underwear made of bamboo fiber raw materials has many advantages. After the bamboo fiber is colored, the color is beautiful, gorgeous and real, and it has strong wear resistance, is softer than cotton, and has good ductility; among all natural fibers, bamboo fiber has good moisture absorption and release and air permeability. It is called the 'breathable fiber'. Natural fiber: The key is milk fiber, soybean fiber, modal fiber, banana fiber, pineapple fiber, etc. It is all made of fibers that are refined with contemporary processing techniques using sudden chemicals. This kind of fiber is also a good choice for underwear fabrics.
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