The benefits of shapewear and precautions for wearing

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-02
The advantage of the shapewear is to use the mobility of fat, apply the pressure difference of each part of the cut, and squeeze the fat from the high working pressure to the low working pressure. If it is a very high-quality shapewear, it will also fully consider the appearance of fat in places where work pressure is low, so as to achieve the actual effect of shaping and beautifying the body. All the girls who have crossed the shapewear should also understand that the moment they put on the shapewear, the body shape is indeed getting plumper and attractive, and everyone follows their self-confidence. And, one of the benefits of wearing shapewear in winter is to keep warm from the cold. What should I pay attention to when wearing shapewear? 1. In the case of wearing shapewear, it is not that the tighter the tightening, the better the actual effect. Too tight restrains the body, which is very easy to cause deformation of the chest, and also affects breathing, sweat metabolism, difficult exercise, and even some disease hazards. . 2. The length of time to wear shapewear is not as long as possible. Long-term compression will cause adverse effects on the internal organs of the body, resulting in poor blood flow throughout the body and poor basal metabolism. 3. Although the sense of restraint of shapewear can help people limit food intake, it should be noted that the primary function of shapewear is to shape, not lose weight. Therefore, the expectations of weight loss cannot be placed on the shapewear. In order to get better shape, some girls wear shapewear 24 hours a day, and choose particularly tight ones, which are not only uncomfortable, but also harmful to the body. The doctor said that too long a tight body shaping garment will cause skin strangulation because the corset is very tight. If it is prolonged for a long time, it will definitely cause blood and lymph nodes in the female chest to flow back and cause squeezing. , Restraint, resulting in poor flow back. For very young or women of childbearing age, it will cause the impact of female breast development. For middle-aged and elderly women, long-term restraint is very likely to cause pain and discomfort in the chest, which is more serious and may also lead to breast disease. In all things, things must be counterproductive. Appropriate use of shapewear, and maintain a healthy mental state, the gratitude of the shapewear to everyone, will also be very happy.
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