Tell you how to choose underwear straps correctly

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-25
Shoulder straps are an important part of underwear. Various styles can be matched with different outerwear and bring convenience for women to wear underwear. But many girls have encountered or may encounter the embarrassment of slipping off the shoulder straps of their underwear. Today we will talk about this topic. First of all, the main function of underwear straps is to lift the chest to fix the position of the chest, and secondly, to shape the figure to make the figure look better. Regardless of whether it is a solid shape or a sculpted shape, the underwear cup must have a supporting effect, and the side must be reinforced, that is, the shoulder strap has a certain pulling force. It is worth noting that if the underwear straps are too tight, it will cause shoulder muscle soreness, so when choosing shoulder straps, we must choose a certain elastic shoulder strap to make our shoulders comfortable when wearing underwear. However, if the shoulder straps are too loose, it will cause the distress of the underwear to slip off. You have to adjust the shoulder straps by hand, which is sometimes more embarrassing. Therefore, to avoid the above two dilemmas, it is necessary to choose the underwear straps of your own size. Underwear straps and thin shoulders: The shoulder arc is moderate, and our domestic women basically have this type of shoulder. For this type of shoulder, it is recommended that the underwear shoulder strap should be designed slightly to the outside. The width of the shoulder strap can be narrower, or the shoulder strap design in the middle position can be selected. Thick shoulders: Generally speaking, girls with large skeletons will have thicker shoulders, and the shoulder straps of the corresponding underwear should be wider, so as to ensure sufficient tension and our shoulders will feel comfortable. It should be noted that girls with this type of shoulders are generally relatively plump, and they can be matched with underwear with full cups and widened shoulder straps for better results. Underwear shoulder strap oblique shoulders are commonly known as beautiful shoulders. The shoulders have a larger curvature. But unlike thin shoulders, because of the large slope of the shoulders, the shoulder straps of this type of underwear are easy to slip off. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the design with the shoulder straps in the middle of the shoulders. In this way, the back shoulder strap is just at the cross of the front and back clavicle. In addition, you can choose a slightly wider shoulder strap to prevent slipping, or choose a back U-shaped design instead of a vertical shoulder strap, so that the force is more comfortable and it is more difficult to slip off. Flat shoulders are commonly known as general shoulders, with small shoulder arcs and obvious shoulder blades. As opposed to sloping shoulders, girls with flat shoulders are not easy to slip off when wearing underwear. Just pay attention to the inner and outer positions of the underwear straps.
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