Technical preparation for swimsuit making

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-06
Preparation of swimwear processing technology is an important means to ensure that mass production goes smoothly and that the final product meets customer requirements. Before mass production, the technical personnel must first do the technical preparations before production. The technical preparation includes three contents: the craft list, the formulation of the sample and the production of the sample. The craft list is a guiding document in garment processing. It puts forward detailed requirements for garment specifications, sewing, ironing, packaging, etc., and also clarifies details such as the matching of garment accessories and seam density. Each process in garment processing should be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the process sheet. Sample production requires accurate size and complete specifications. The contour lines of the relevant parts are accurately matched. The model number, position, specification and quality requirements of the clothing should be marked on the model board, and the model compound seal should be stamped on the relevant splices. After completing the work of formulating the process sheet and the template, the production of small batches of samples can be carried out, the non-conformity points can be corrected in time according to the requirements of customers and the process, and the technical difficulties are tackled, so that the large-scale production operation can be carried out smoothly. After the sample garment is confirmed and signed by the customer, it becomes one of the important inspection basis.
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