Talking about the 6 ways you must know when underwear factories take orders

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-23
With the development of the times, the way of receiving orders in underwear factories has become more and more difficult to do in the past by simply guarding the market. So what are the ways for underwear factories to take orders today? Ladymate knitted underwear factory insists on keeping pace with the times, and the way of receiving orders also changes with the changes of the times. In recent years, domestic underwear factories have been struggling, and everyone is talking about many well-known underwear factories laying off staff and reducing expenses. what reason? I believe that everyone has some different views. For example, the underwear processing industry is affected by the entire external economic environment, and the overall global economy is slowing down; the underwear processing industry has some excess capacity. In fact, another important reason is that it is more convenient for customers to find underwear factories, and it is easier to choose. Therefore, if underwear factories want to be invincible in the fierce environment, they can only adapt to the present and comply with the“Where the customer is, I will be there. With the customer as the center, the way of receiving orders should also change accordingly. The common methods of underwear factories to receive orders can be roughly classified into 6 categories. 1. The inherent old customers of underwear factories: The importance of maintaining old customers is the importance of every underwear factory. I believe everyone will understand that the more powerful underwear factories are, the better they know how to maintain old customers, like our Ladymate knitting for 17 years. In the underwear factory, dozens of old customers have maintained long-term friendly cooperation with me and us. 2. Referral of customer orders: The development of many new customers in the underwear factory is actually introduced by the original old customers. Because the old customers have cooperated in the underwear factory, they think that the service and other aspects are not bad, and there are relatives and friends who are looking for them. The underwear factory will introduce them to understand. 3. Open storefronts in the market to take orders from new customers: This method is a main way for many underwear factories to receive orders, especially in the International Trade City, where there are more than 80,000 stalls, and many customers who want to find underwear factories will also directly Look in the stalls, so some underwear factories basically have stalls in the trade city. 4. Win customer orders through the exhibition: The exhibition is also a channel for many underwear factories to find customers, especially the two annual Canton Fair underwear exhibitions, many factories will prepare to participate. 5. Offline salesmen look for customers to seek orders: Generally, every underwear factory will have some offline salesmen. Their usual main job is to find customers in need through various channels, visit customers, and prepare for exhibitions. 6. Internet-wide marketing layout to find customers in need and take orders: This method is also the way that underwear factories are currently chasing, using Internet tools to spread the popularity of underwear factories. And at present, the Ladymate knitted underwear factory is using the Internet-wide marketing layout to combine online and offline, so that customers in need can find our Ladymate knitting through the Internet, understand our Ladymate knitting, get the clues from customers, and then return to the line The way to follow up the transaction is done. How to get customer orders for underwear factories is a business knowledge. It requires the wisdom of decision-making layers of underwear factories to keep pace with the times. Do not blindly reject new tools and methods. . --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting Contribution Copyright (Ladymate Knitting)
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