Reflect the function and efficacy of OEM customized products in beauty salons

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-01
The Ladymate Apparel u0026 Underwear Factory in Shantou embodies the functions and effects of underwear in beauty salons. The beauty industry itself is a very good industry. Generally, underwear in beauty salons can have certain effects! Therefore, the adjustable bra of the beauty salon can also sell more expensively in terms of price. Beauty salon underwear fully pays attention to all the subtle parts. The excellent correction effect comes from the correct combination of various products. Beauty salon underwear bra: Create a beautiful breast contour. 1. Hook base: the back has been turned and made of comfortable fabric; 2. Hook: strong and durable, not easy to unhook; 3. Side cutting: cut properly so that the soft tissues on both sides of the breast naturally lean towards the center. 4. Shoulder strap: a soft shoulder strap that will not cause discomfort to the shoulder; 5. Wire: equipped with an excellent wire for improving the position of the chest; 6. Base: Sophisticated tailoring technology allows the base part to fit the human body properly , And the back part will not slide upward; 7. Inner ring: soft and delicate, OEM underwear waist clip for beauty salon: manufacture waist line to raise the waist position, correct posture and control stomach and abdominal fat. 1. The sixth-generation memory alloy strips with different lengths make the waist more beautiful and comfortable to wear; 2. The non-parallel multi-piece cutting makes the wearing more comfortable; 3. The double-layered waist section makes the waist curve more prominent; 4. The design of the front non-extending cloth can more effectively control the fat in the stomach and abdomen. Beauty salon underwear trousers: can raise the position of the buttocks to an ideal height, make it appear round and plump contours, and beautify the shape of the thighs. 1. Hot film forming process: Hot film forming process is performed on the buttocks, so that the buttocks show a natural round curve; 2. Correction function: the three-dimensional cutting method is adopted to improve the position of the buttocks and fix the fat on the inner thighs; 3 , Lace at the bottom of the trouser legs: a large amount of wide-sided, gorgeous, patterned lace 4. Abdomen: a design that uses heavy pressure to tighten the abdomen; 5. Crotch part: uses a soft mesh fabric (nano mesh) , Wearing refreshing and comfortable; 6. High waist: The waist is designed with moderate height and comfortable to wear; The above is the function and effect of the OEM customized products of beauty salon bodywear introduced by the editor.
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