Reasons to wear shapewear after liposuction

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-10
1. The continuous pressure of the sculpting garment has a foaming effect on the fat tissue, which helps to restore the rapid smoothness and urgency of the skin after liposuction. 2. Fix the corset to fix the fat layer of the skin in the correct position, and the fat layer and deep fat will stick together to avoid loose skin flaps after fat extraction. 3. Compression to wear body shaping clothes can help reduce bleeding, prevent moles and swelling, and shorten postoperative recovery time. If the body mold is not worn well, the effect after liposuction may be greatly reduced. In addition, if you don't wear two places, the pressure will be worse, and unevenness may occur. Why is liposuction not thin? 1. Because there is no time to become thinner after liposuction, the reason is that the body part has been injected with the same amount of expansion agent as liposuction before liposuction, and with the hands-on, the blood will accumulate in the original fat layer after the operation, and there is no time for the body The tissue is completely restored, so the body will not lose weight immediately after liposuction. Maybe some beauty lovers are a bit swollen and weigh more than before. Due to the swelling agent and blood accumulation, the body shape of the liposuction operator gradually becomes clean after the swelling is reduced, and the weight gradually decreases. 2. The second reason why you are not thin after liposuction is that you do not wear shapewear as required. Beauty lovers do not wear plastic clothes at the time specified by the doctor. The shapewear acts as a fixation and compression of local tissues after surgery, can eliminate swelling as soon as possible, and form a good external appearance after liposuction. If you don't wear it as required, you won't lose weight after liposuction. How long do I need to wear the shapewear after liposuction? Generally speaking, shapewear is worn for about 3 months, 24 hours a day for the first month, and only half a day a day for the next two months. It was tight at first, but as the liposuction area slowly recovered, it gradually became loose. No need to wear it at this time.
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