Private underwear customization tells you why the underwear runs up

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-31
The private customization of underwear tells you why the underwear runs up. Girls have the most say in wearing underwear. Girls also attach great importance to their underwear selection. Although underwear is an invisible style, every girl seems to have With the same goal, you want to make your figure look more refined. A good figure is accumulated bit by bit. What kind of underwear do girls generally like to wear? From the selection of colors to the determination of styles, women are visual animals. For girls, underwear must not only be practical, but also good-looking, but wearing underwear can also be embarrassing, such as the embarrassment of sliding shoulders and the embarrassment of running up underwear. What is the reason for the underwear running up? The underwear is big, that’s for sure, the chest is small, that’s necessary, but the main reason for the underwear to run up is because the underwear itself is too big or it’s deformed after wearing it for too long. It has nothing to do with the breasts. It is already fixed, and the size of the underwear can be chosen by yourself. There are several reasons why your underwear runs up. Let’s see why your underwear runs up. 1. Choose the wrong size. Don’t think that every brand of underwear can be tailored to the size of your chest. Different underwear brands have different sizes. So when choosing underwear, you can’t choose according to your usual size. It should be smaller. Try it on both size and large size so that you can know which size fits you. 2. The cup shape is not suitable for you. It is not good-looking underwear that suits you, nor expensive underwear. It is the cup shape that is important. If the cup shape does not suit you, small breasts will lead to empty cups, and large breasts will In an overflowing state, the general cup type is 1/2 and 3/4 cup type, the half cup type is suitable for girls with small breasts, and the full cup or 3/4 cup is suitable for large breasts.
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