Private underwear customization teaches you how to wear underwear with strapless clothes

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-28
Speaking of how to match underwear with off-shoulder outerwear, the most common one should be how to hide the underwear straps. It is not an elegant dress to expose ordinary underwear straps. There are four main ways to hide the shoulder straps. One is to choose invisible underwear, the other is to buy strapless underwear, and the other is to wear a chest-wrapped tube top. Of course, you can also wear the shoulders of ordinary bras. Take off the dressing method and so on. The following private customization of underwear teaches you how to wear underwear with strapless clothes. There are 4 comparisons between whether to wear strapless underwear or to wrap your chest. 1. Comparison of breast shape requirements. Whether it is strapless underwear or breast-wrapped bras, they are underwear without straps. When matching underwear, they are very suitable for matching with strapless clothing. However, it is precisely because there are no shoulders. With upward pulling force, the breast shape cannot be improved and the effect of preventing sagging cannot be better. Therefore, they are not suitable for women with full breasts, but are more suitable for girls with small breasts or average breast sizes. However, although it is said that it is suitable for small breasts, I think that the requirements for the size of the breasts are somewhat different for strapless underwear. Relatively speaking, strapless underwear is more suitable for people than breast-wrapped bras, breast-wrapped is more suitable for girls below ab cups and good breasts, and strapless underwear is also very suitable for people with cd cups. 2. Comparison of wearing stability When you wear strapless underwear or bras, the most worrying thing should be their wearing stability, that is, the worry about whether they will fall. If a strapless underwear does not have a special non-slip design, it is safer for everyone to wear a breast-wrapped bra. After all, the material of the breast-wrapped fabric has very good elasticity. You only need to wear it tightly and it is not easy to appear in the bra. Under the circumstances. 3. Comparison of wearing effect When matching underwear, it is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap the chest. In terms of wearing effect, it is roughly the same, that is, the straps are not exposed. However, they still have a very subtle and very important difference. Everyone knows that there are many kinds of off-the-shoulder outerwear. Among them, there are different outer collar styles. Some off-shoulder outerwear has a straight shape on the chest, and some have a cup-curved shape. At this time, there is a difference between wearing strapless underwear or wrapping the chest, because strapless underwear is mostly half-cup underwear, which matches well with the cup-shaped outerwear, and the wrapped chest is the tube top bra. , If you match it with a cup-shaped outerwear, the underwear will be exposed slightly. 4. Comparison of underwear sizes. Everyone knows that the size of strapless underwear is the same as the size of ordinary bras. Both have precise cup size and lower bust size to determine. Although some bras have cups, but, that It's just a detachable breast pad insert. Whether or not the breast pad insert has any effect on the size of the breast wrap, the size of the breast wrap is basically the size or the free size. Therefore, the breast wrap bra may be more suitable for the size selection. It makes people entangled. The above is the private customization of underwear to teach you the choice of strapless clothes to wear underwear. When it is better to wear strapless underwear with underwear, share it here. The editor thinks that it is better to wear strapless underwear or to wrap your chest. The main considerations are the size of the chest, wearing stability and what type of outerwear to match. For the size, the choice of strapless underwear will be simpler, and you can follow Shop the size of ordinary bra directly.
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